Whats Your Favorite Chip

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  1. This is not a munchie thread this is strictly for chips i like ruffles sour cream and onion
  2. the ripples in the chips intensifies the flavor thus ruffles are better
  3. Straight up Doritios,Cheetos are bomb too.

    No way Ruffles are better than Lay's.That shit is king.
  4. Doritos dude for me one of the best munchies
  5. i used to love those but after i got braces and i hadnt eaten them for 2 years i didnt like them anymore:(
  6. sweet maui onion chips
  7. I'm a big fan of Cape Cod Kettle Chips. I just love me some kettle chips.
  8. baaaaaked Lay's Sour Cream & Onion

    fuckin' delicious with any cold sub. :hello:
  9. Any kind of Herrs chips. :smoking:
  10. [​IMG]

    Satisfaction guaranteed baby.
  11. Tim's all the way. :smoking:

  12. omg yum...these

  13. theres some great ones...sour cream and onion lays are amazing...as are hot cheetos...and chilli fritos...but honestly the best is the original lays hahaha
  14. Fuckin love those things.
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    It makes me smell like the snatch of a Tijuana hooker but it's soo good. :smoke:

    edit: also


    Trust me on this.
  16. The hot jalapeno crunchy goodness is grand

  17. Daaamn,those look so good man.
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