Whats your favorite champagne?

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  1. A little over a month will be New Year's Eve.
    What bottles will you be poppin?
    Also include if it's expensive, medium priced or cheap.

  2. The soda kind :3

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  3. I've tried korbel, j Roget, Andre. That's the cheap kind.

    I've also had moèt imperial, which is top shelf at liquor stores around here. Its OK, but not worth the 40-60 bucks.
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    Cristal, them gold bottles. spendy
    Nah, probably some Veuve.  It's medium, around 60 bucks a pop

    Andre dry is the best shit u can find for 5 bucks lol
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  5. My favorite champagne is actual champagne, from Champagne.
    I've had it 3 times in Vegas and once at a vineyard in California.
    Not sure on the 'brand' name if there was one, but it's imported
    directly from the bottler  in France. You can taste the top quality.
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  6. Wild Turkey 101
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  7. Why is this in Pandora's Box?
    What if he is in some weird sub-culture where champagne actually refers to new borns.
    And OP is asking us what the names of the babies are that we will be beheading on New Years Eve.
    Hail satan?
    Allah Snackbar
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  11. The cheap kind ;)
  12. The kind that doesn't dry fuck my wallet
  13. [​IMG]
    Because I'm cheap :p
    It's still way better than Cooks though :smoking: 
  14. Perrier Jouet. I take champagne seriously.
  15. Yeah, oahu snackbar to you too, pal.

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