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What's your favorite brand, size, and type of rolling papers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Ok everyone. Let's hear what you have to say :smoke:
  2. None. Bongs FTW.
  3. Kingsgard for cigarettes, OCB black for joints.

    Still, Bongs and MFLB FTW.
  4. Zig Zags use them religiously
  5. RAW king size for when Im blazing with groups, zig zag 1 1/2's if personal joints. The zigs are square shaped. Not the traditional rectangle. More paper to roll with, so I can get it done quickly and without much effort.
  6. Love blunts. White Owls all day.
  7. Zig Zags, the white 70 mm size for sure
  8. Zigzags or Raws are perfectly fine. I don't have much of a preference in any brand, as long as they're not those super thick papers actually meant for tobacco lol.
  9. zigzag, the slow-burning ultra thin ones.
  10. Has anyone ever used the clear, thin zig zags?
  11. Zig-Zag Ultra Thins are my favorite, or any type of Zig-Zag really.
  12. Zig Zags or Juicy Jay's, Vogue's are good to but I never buy them.
  13. ZigZag Ultra Thins & Raw Unbleached Kingsize & 300 Raw Unbleached 1 1/4
  14. also dont mind a good philly any flavour but conag would be my favorite
  15. 80% of the time i use bongs but if im hotboxing a car with friend i use RAWs king sized rolling papers for my joints
  16. Zig Zag kutkorners white pack with red writing. Zig zag slow burns in orange packs 1 1/4 i think, when my budget is better.
  17. Raw 1 1/4 papers. Thin paper, made of hemp, healthy glue. Easy to roll once you get used to the thinness. Plus they look cool as fuck with all the little buds showing through.

    (1 and 1/4 because king size joints are wasteful for solo blazing, and if I'm with friends I can just roll a couple)
  18. RAW Papers forsure!
  19. Rizla blue kingsize slim.
  20. Aight bruh.

    I love all kinds of ZigZags. Right now i'm using Kutkorners, because that's what my buddy at the headshop recommended. I also like pretty much anything else that's 1 1/4"

    For blunts, I'll bust up a white grape white owl (on deck, son) and roll that up, or I'll go and grab a Wet Mango wrap (royal blunts awwwww ye)

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