What's Your Favorite Brand of Papers?

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  1. I prefer tops. 1.5s. and this is a boring question but wtf ever man im bored and theres nothing to do this early lol..
    So what brand and size papers do you use most?
  2. Raws, and the occasional juicy jay
  3. [​IMG]
    Smoking Master, extra slim :)

    Smoking Brown, just like raw but with a better gum in my experience
  4. i like organic papers, im doing the marley hemp king size, and the organic RAWs in the white pack. witch are excellent.
  5. ive had those before. dont you think there too big?? i alsways ended up with having too much paper and not enough weed in them :/ so right now ive got Black OCB Slims. they are the best.
  6. ZIG ZAG 1.25 i love the orange pack
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    You person are amazing!!!!
  8. Nice touch with the pics guys! and thanks for all the posts. I gotta try those raw papers still. anyone ever heard of rizzla? lol they suck ass
  9. zig zag 1 1/2

    its hard to find 1 1/2 papers around here
  10. Its hard for me to find em too, i have to go to a specific gas station or headshop or they cost like 3 dollars.. its so stupid.
  11. Hempire. I've tried the RAW hemp papers and I like the taste of the Hempire much better. By far my favorite paper now.
  12. ^^ where you get those?
  13. RAW, Juicy Jay, Zig Zags, and Bob Marley XLs.
  14. kutcorner zigzags, they are quite easy to roll, but they're so damn small. Thats for when I don't wanna be shit faced.


    When I'm with a couple buddies, I get the XXL Rollers out, they're not that big, just bigger-ish.
  15. A headshop, I haven't really seen them in gas stations.
  16. King size Smoking Hemp papers.
  17. I swear by the Zig-Zag 1.25 ultra thin's in the metallic case. I've never seen them boat and the gumstrip always sticks and you cant taste the paper at all
  18. I just got finished with a pack of those.^^ they were alright, a little shifty in my fingers grip tho so i dunno, i just bought a pack of tops and rolled the straightest joint ive rolled in a longass time lol.
  19. Back when I had access to headshops and not living overseas, which was several years ago I used to like a brand of hemp papers called Chills. I always thought they burned great, tasted clean and let you taste your bud properly. But I recently heard that the owner of Chills has started his new hemp paper brand called simply Chris Hill (which now makes the name Chills make sense, C-Hill). The packages are awesome and went ahead and ordered some which I'm waiting on.

    Other than that I've tried some clear papers (I think the brand was Trip) and I thought those were really good. Never been able to try RAWS or those new ultra thin zig zags which people have said are good too. And one guy said that Club papers have the least amount of ash or smoke of any paper, he did a test about it. burning just the papers side by side.



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