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what's your fav. things to do while your baked?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JustJesse, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. My favorite things to do is get a big cup of oj. And hop on Xbox or ps3.
  2. nothing. although i feel thats probably what leads to my munchies. i really need to start doing things whilst high...
  3. Depends on the type of high. Sometimes I like to just kick back and watch a movie. Sometimes I like to play guitar.
  4. beatin off, listening to music, watching tv, playing ps3, eating shit, sitting, surfing the internet

  5. oh god i wish i had a bass again... i really want to get back into since bass is just amazing when im high. like i cant even explain it other than i can feel it entering my ears.

  6. cannabis, making sitting a thing you do for enjoyment since forever.
  7. I quite enjoy while high, but only if there's flashing colors.

    I also enjoy playing Minecraft.

  8. Why don't you start playing again, man?
  9. Play magic the gathering (the card game, not the xbox version) or play basketball scrims with my club team against randoms. Im a nerd and an athlete

  10. im broke :( my friend might be lending me his old guitar so i can at least play that.
  11. Madden, no joke im better while im high because im more relaxed and dont get pissed off
  12. Fuck, music, kayak, screw around, Art
  13. Parkour, Art, Music,, xbox, netflix

    Anything and everything when I zone :smoke:
  14. watching movies while high is intense. you actually care, so that's fun. so is music. love listening to pink floyd and rush when baking.
  15. Everything is better high.
  16. Almost anything really, but I usually chill with my bro and play Xbox or chill with friends and
    Go eat somewhere
  17. Everything is more interesting while high!
  18. Play fifa 12... then rage about how fucking useless EA is.
  19. if i got a good mind high going on i like to draw or something creative. everything comes out better
    if its a body buzz i just chill on the computer, watch tv, play the xbox, and enjoy the affects
  20. listen to music!

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