Whats your fav. thing to say after you take your last hit?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cuecumber, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I say ~Snappen pussy~ followed by a ~Thats all She Wrote~ My Friends and I JUST noticed that lol :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: D-D-D-D-D-D-D- -/insert awesomeness here!!
  2. any combo of the words "Dude" and "Whatever"

    so pretty much just: dude, whatever-and-whatever dude
  3. That's a cashed bowl right thur
  4. now thats what im talkin 'bout
  5. "we have more weed right?"
  6. "hurt alert" when i run out, or "horseshit"

    smoke seshes dont have an ending speech for me, only when i run out.
  7. That So deserves a shirt series, "now thats what im talkin 'bout"
  8. ...........................................................:smoking::D
  9. what a lovely tea party.
  10. I always say, "that's all she wrote," as well.
  11. *cough* *cough* yeahhhhhh:D
  12. Shits beat


    Shits cashed
  13. So it goes.
  14. Frisbee anyone?
  15. "...Pack another bowl"
  16. Yeeeeeee


  17. if it's cashed, and i'm letting someone know, i usually say either

    it's dunzo or it's cashed or it's had.

    followed briefly thereafter by "Do you wanna smoke another bong?"
  18. LOL im stealing that

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