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Whats Your Fav Piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bstick, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. Im sure this thread has already been posted about a dozen times but i figure well im to lazy to go back and read them, why not post another one.

    I would have to say my favorite piece to smoke out of is my glass chillum. Its always been there when nothing else is.. Its thee ol trusty.
  2. I jave a nice 1 and half foot bong i call bubblez. i even have a little power puff girl action figure (the blue one ) super glued to it. It hits PERFECTLY. i clear a bowl in a about two hits and already have a nice buzz creepin up on me. I've always felt like joints are a waste of weed. They run....if you fuck up the rolling sometimes you waste half the damn joint trying to get it to hit. and then people hit it and hold it and let it burn....joints are ust waste. Glass pipes though. i can agree they do it nice. but i like my bong better cause it gives me a bigger hit. the bigger the bong. the better the hit.
  3. my bubbler "mr bubble" its a kickass piece, its called mr bubble because it has black marbles that are eyes and a clear marble with a little shroom in it as a nose
  4. well I had a nice 18 inch glass bong which was just confiscated by the fuckin cops!!!! Now my favorite piece is actually home made...the gravity a nice stem/bowl for it too.
  5. footlong glass steamroller, I call him Steamy.
  6. Mine is my slider. Packs a punch for it's size, leme tellya.

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  7. this one turned out looking cool... Mabye its cause I'm so high !

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  8. damn nice bong!.how much u pay for it?
  9. $100 local head shop, colorado

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