What's your ethnicity?

Discussion in 'General' started by FranMieSteR, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone.

    So whats everyones ethnicty around here?? Just curious to see which race smokes the most weed lol.

    Toke on :smoking:
  2. i do believe you have posted this is the wrong forum. but maybe it can stay here, since since you said you would like to know some race ratio with pot smoking or something. or something.

    i'm one pale ass messican. :bongin:
  3. lol oops i posted canadian twice.

    btw im asian =)
  4. white for me
  5. I'm confused. Why is Canadian a race? ROFL
  6. Canadian isn't a race.
  7. Italian, but i put white/caucasian.
  8. sorry about the canadian part u guys.....im juss really really high right now.

    lets say " canadian " = ppl from canada
  9. I'm 100% Irish and that's not tobacco he's smoking...:D

  10. Nice pic, and me too, dude!
  11. 50% Japanese

    50% Scottish
  12. 100% Italian puts me into the white/caucasian group I'd imagine :p ....I like how canadians arent accepted though, haha

  13. OHHhhhhhhhhh....welll i mean now that we've gotten that cleared up........ i still dont get why canadians or "people from canada" are a race.

    But seriously, im caucasion, but im really tan year round somehow...
  14. White/caucasian.

    I decided against the whole using 'Canadian' as a race thing. I am from Canada though.
  15. im 100% white
  16. That a really interesting mix of parents. Do you have an accent? Do you look more one than the other?

    I remember seeing a chinese kid with a scottish accent. That's really weird for me to see because I'm used to hearing asian people with their respective ancestral accents or just an average north american accent.
  17. technically, I would fit under the Asian category, but my entire family is from India, making me a not so typical asian and a much more stereotypical Indian.

    South Asian Pride!
  18. I'm Canadian, but my Dad's side is German (russian border town kinda German) and my Mum's is French (the hicktown Saaskatchewan kinda French :p) I'm all kinds of Ironic.
  19. Canadian, and white.....hmmm...

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