Whats your electric bill?

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  1. Hey im just curious as to what you guys are paying every month for electricity, without my grows, (and my house has 2 parts sharing the same bill) we can hit $900 a month. We dont have an a/c or heater btw.
    This is probably why people grow outdoors in hawaii. Haha
  2. That is INSANE!
  3. I am also interested in this sort of question, although more specifically how much MORE you're paying with an indoor grow setup vs no setup at all(if any of you have a smaller setup, SoG or something similar, this info would be greatly appreciated)
  4. 1000w hps during 18/6....$115 more......during 12/12....$90 more..in cali that is
  5. Ah. Mind if I ask how much it would be normally? Without the grow room/setup?
  6. Uhhm fuck i forget what i was gonna say. Any other input?
  7. WTF! I have a 6 bedroom and we only pay about $400 a month. And this is the first time I've said "only" about how much I pay for energy. But compared to $900 I guess its not that bad.
  8. crazy...

    Entire house, + garage + 2400 watt grow room = < 200

    I guess im lucky....
  9. Our average is a little over $600 but it does hit $900. We must pay like fucking $5 kw/h haha. Fucking boonies....
  10. Pool with pump on 24/7. Central air. 4 bedroom house, 400w grow. $180-$220 max
  11. ^^^Can I live with you? I would be so happy with those prices. Damn PG&E. Im stuck with the notoriously bad energy company from the erin bracavich movie. (Not sure if I spelled that right).
  12. Last year the head of the company where my power supplier gets their electricity from gave himself a 90k raise, and now I guess I'm paying the price, $1500 plus $1400 shut off charges for one month! I can't afford to pay 3k a month for electric, so I'm selling my house, and moving to a poorer part of town. All just so I can have electricity back on :( And I don't even grow!
  13. Fuck!
    Mine doesnt seem so bad anymore
  14. 4 bedroom house, 3 people living in it all with tvs, xboxs, pcs, laptops etc.......£20 a month for electric for the whole house.......im using roughly 300w in my grow room and it bumped it up to £29-32 a month.

    not to bad really

    and $900 a month :eek: fuck that!
  15. you dont know how good you got it were you lot live because in england my eleck it 15.8p pre kw witch it about 21c were you lot live..i wish it was that cheep over in england and our eleck is going up by another 18% this month booo hoooo
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    lol, my average is like 70$/month with closet grow

    i just made the calculation, here is like 25c/KW
  17. 452.00 with a 400whps, 2'T5 H.O for veg, 2 blowers. Nott too badd, I guess!

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