Whats Your Electric Bill Based On Watts Being Used?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrsilly, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what kind if electric bills some OP are enduring with their grow?. I just spent $500 last month with 2 1k's and about 750 watts of t5's and CFL side fill w air cond.
    That sounds a little high...
    I burn about 7500W total (all lights, and fans), and my power bill is $400-450 (depending on house usage). Based on my current rates, I estimate that my actual grow usage is about $250; the rest is house usage.
  3. I burn bout 2500 for 150 ish.
  4. My light bill is a steady 34 bucks a month, dat cfl life, :p
  5. 600w 12/12, 6" fan, pump, a few fluorescent and bill jumped up by about 80$
  6. My "very well lit" closet runs me about $35 a month! Love those CFLs!
  7. 600w 126 for a 4 person house hold
  8. 600w 126 for a 4 person house hold
  9. my last bill was just under $200 and it said i was running 2900kwh. i would estimate about half of that is from my grow.
  10. Im using 600w hps 10/14. 200w 2ft t5 18/6. Duct fans, oscillating fans, it is 115 degrees outside where I live keep my ac at 71 degrees. My last bill was 186.00 and I live in a 2 br apartment upstairs.

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