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Whats Your Dream Place To Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankUponATime, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. This may be sad since I'm a 21 year old dude but I would have to say right before going into Disney World... or Universal. I will accomplish both some day! 

  2. I dont know man you would spend like 30 minutes for a 2 minute ride, you probably would get to ride like 2 rides while high haha. 
    For me it would be right before jumping off a boat to go diving, diving in the ocean would be awesome high  :bongin:
  3. The oval office
  4. The white house or Mr. Chong's house
  5. Sitting on the edge of the grand canyon.
  6. My dream place to smoke is in a jet or a hot air balloon soaring over the clouds. It's easy to dream........
  7. Alcatraz

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  8. I wanna blaze in a field in Jamaica before i'm off this earth.. just gaze over the field, reminisce over the good times, and meditate. I feel part of me will be at ease once I have accomplished this. 
  9. Just sitting on a quiet beach, in the sun, with good people. Somewhere like Hawaii or somewhere in Southern California. 
  10. In the bedroom of my very conservative aunt and uncle while they are not home with the doors and windows closed..... Totally hotbox that place up:) then leave a note and prob some seeds and stems and shake on the dresser where I packed:) haha this WILL happen someday:)
  11. Smoke a fat J before I go skydiving :cool:
  12. layin on a beach on a cool ass tropical island with palm trees
  13. A tropical place with friends where I can go surfing afterwards
  14. I no its stupid but I wanna light a j on stage right before a huge concert.

    Only better euphoria than thousands of ppl lookin at you on stage. Getting it pass js to them also
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    At the beach
  16. Tent under the northern lights with my mpc

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  17. where they make all the marijunana and then ship it out to the world for every body to enjoy the crispy happy making little buddies :D
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    Its been done
    Idk what's sad about a 21 year old liking the most immersive theme park in the world but hey...w/e.
    Smoking at Disney is a pain...edibles on the other hand are not. Amazing time edibly high. Besides the time I went to Magic Kindom with my friend Lucy, Edibles are king at Disney.
    If it's just the thrill of smoking wherever though...Atmos raw is a pretty handy toy ;)
    I can't really think of a dream spot...but diving and flying are the only activities I've always wanted to try high but haven't yet. Someday...
  20. Underwater. Think about how cool it would be to blaze with the fish and the turtles. Especially if you had a little glass submarine that you could be alone in and hotbox in.

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