What's Your Dream Job?

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  1. I love what I do now, working for concessionaires in national parks. Ive done Grand Canyon, Death valley and Yellowstone so far :)

  2. haha after working in a library for 3 years...i can tell you its a pretty laid back career...im not a librarian though

    my dream job is to be a race car driver =] lol i love cars and i love to go fast!!!

    another dream job would be an astronaut...i always wanted to go into space and have a real fascination with astronomy!!
  3. Probably a writer
    Or a bud tester/reviewer

    Either way I'd smoke weed all day and write, and get paid for it

    Or being the Turtle in someone's entourage, I would be all about that. Living in a mansion with and chaffeuring a famous person and getting all money, weed, and women in exchange. Not too bad.

    Growing up it was to play in the NBA, and it still is, but I'm 21, white, and 6'0" tall on a good day, so that pipe dream has been crushed
  4. I would wanna be RP's dealer I bet that dude can smoke a hellauva lot
  5. Definitely a musician.
  6. to own a farm
  7. free money. free healthcare. grand estates in every country. my own militia. maybe a spaceship that'll fly me across the universe. and throw in a few private islands, too.

    i guess what i'm trying to convey is, i would like to be the president of the world. or a mob boss lady. :shrug:
  8. Neurologist then when I am old and no longer willing to work crazy hours.

  9. Its not an easy thing to do, not that anything is of course but most of ones time is spent doing administration, and the rest is spent on upkeep of buildings, when you aren't cleaning up excrement.

    You have to be really dedicated; and its certainly a 365day a year job.

    Like a service industry, you're reliant on sales of luxuries, holidays etc, when people aren't going away and are saving, there's no need to kennel dogs. In these economic conditions, they're not easy to start-up, you'd do better getting a pre-existing business with its own clientbase and doing it that way.

    A side-line also helps, for during lean times.
  10. I'm thinking about joining the Air Force and becoming a firefighter through them.
    The Air Force pays their firefighters very well, definitely above average, and more than enough money I need. And once I get out, any fire station will hire me as the head chief, etc.
  11. gettin paid to travel the world, fuccn bitches and gettin money woop woop swag
  12. Top notch hunting guide/outfitter :)
  13. I want to be a leader of hope.
  14. Egyptologist working in the field at Armana, or curating Cairo Museum/British Museum. Can't decide between the two, though it would probably have to be the field work...

  15. One of my professors gets a free ride on the NatGeo Explorer that goes to Antarctica every year. So fucking lucky...


    At the moment I would like to get into field geology and research. And maybe later get into the oil industry doing exploration work or something like that.
  16. open up for Slayer!!!!!!

    that would be my dream moment or job as i would love to open up for them all the time!!

    thrashin all day and night practicing, by the time i try to demo my shit out, slayers gonna stop touring lmfao.
  17. Professional sleeper.
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    My dream job would be secondary to my life. I plan to travel and do some simple, low paying job as I visit some exotic lands. Many of the places I want to go to are not expensive to live decently. I also plan to learn how to grow food for myself, supplement my own existence as much as I can, whilst, at least in the short term of my imagination, living within the realms of earths societies

    One only gets one life to spend. Follow your bliss
  19. TBH if I got a professorship at some university and just spent my time teaching and doing research for dope money that'd be a great job for when I'm older. Not exactly exciting, but when you're like 45 +, still get to hang around with young people and do important shit at the same time how could you complain? Plus job security with tenure.

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