Whats your dream job?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuana Time, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. If you could pick anything and be successful doing it?
  2. Haha selling weed of course
  3. Chairman of The Federal Reserve, I'm qualified, but never enough political power to score that job
  4. Astronomer.
  5. Author. I'm working towards it, at least.
  6. Professional Billionare.
  7. Exactly what I'm doing now. :hello:
  8. Being the owner of a music shop, selling different kinds of genres also combining it with a cafe so if people want to eat, they could take a break and discuss about their favorite songs, albums, artists/bands, etc.
  9. Porn star, how is this not everyones answer? Getting paid to fuck hot chicks, sign me up.
  10. i'd love to be an actor.. i know it's stressful n shit but getting paid to travel around the world and film movies and be able to live a financially-free life sounds pretty great :D
  11. federal government certified ethical hacker
  12. grower, in the future im sure some of you on this site will enjoy some of my buds... but not anytime soon.
  13. Successful business owner.
  14. Doing what I'm doing now on a much much larger scale. Almost there though...
  15. Soundman for all the huge bands like Pink Floyd, Further, Bob Dylan, Shpongle, and Shirtz
  16. Major league gamer.
  17. A farmer . Marijuana and fruits, veggies
  18. My dream job? Hmmmm... maybe a blow job from
  19. Become of connoisseur of bud!

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