Whats your custom build?

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  1. My friend is building a computer and wants to see what works well

    Mine by the way is as follows
    Asus P6T Intel X58 ATX
    Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66 GHz (overclocked to 3.82 GHz)
    EVGA Hydro Copper GeForce GTX 295 1792Mb
    OCZ Platinum 12GB DDRS SDRAM 1333 MHz (overclocked to 2000 MHz)
    Western Digital Caviar 1 Terabyte 7200 rpm
  2. Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
    Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz (OC'd to 3.8GHz)
    Sapphire HD 4850 512MB (OC'd to 650/1000)
    A-Data 4GB DDR2 800 5-5-5-18 (OC'd to 1016MHz 5-5-5-15)
    Samsung Spinpoint F1 750GB 7200RPM (third fastest 7200RPM drive available, plus 320 & 80GB drives)
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    It's over a year old but as for as long as I can max-out games I'll stay happy.
  3. mines a cheap performance gaming pc that I used with my old parts from my old computer

    amd 5000 64bit dual core
    2gigs of ram 800mhz
    ATI Radeon 3850 pci express 16x 2.0, 512DDR3 256bit
    120gig harddrive

    with a sonata 3 case
  4. My rig

    I7 920 @ 4ghz 1.45v *Lapped*
    Foxconn Bloodrage G25 Bios
    G.Skill @ 1600 Cas 8
    2x Evga GTX285 SSC

    Liquid cooled Running Dual loops
    GTZ *lapped*
    Bloodrage Waterblock
    2x Ek 285 FC Blocks
    2x GTX360 Rads
    2x Mcp655 With Ek Top
    2x Micro Res v2
  5. Current setup:
    AMD Phenom II 550 x2
    ASRock 780g
    2X1GB DDR2 800 G.Skill
    HIS Radeon HD4850
    Hitachi 500GB
    Seagate 250GB
    Corsair VX550W
    Acer AL2216 22" LCD
    Steelseries Siberia Headset
    Steelseries QcK+
    Razer Deathadder
  6. i built it a while ago, it was damn nice back then and is still a very nice machine to date. works very well for me.

    P35-DS3L mobo / C2D E6550 CPU / Gigabyte 4GB DDR2 RAM (2x2GB) / XFX 8800GT GPU / WD 500GB HDD / CoolerMaster Mystique Case

    once i get some money together i'll probably put together another machine. this one does great though :)

    it was funny because i bought it with intentions of playing all the latest games (this would play Crysis fine) and i still just ended up just playing CS1.6 :rolleyes:
  7. ASUS M4A78 Plus
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
    G.Skill DDR2 4gb ram
    GeForce 9800 GTX+
    200gb HHD
    700 watts power supply
    2 DVD RW
    Gateway 9 in 1 memory card reader
    Unknown Full Tower Case
    Microsoft wireless keyboard 3000
    Gateway Mokakuo laser mouse
    Hanns-G 19 inch wide screen monitor
    Samsung 32 inch wide screen HDTV
    Logitech x-230 Speakers
    HP LaserJet 6P printer

  8. i used to have a pretty decent pc but i sold it in june.

    320gb HDD
    6gb ddr2
    geforce 9800gtx+
    core 2 quad 3.0 ghz

    running a dell xps laptop now which can pretty much only run css. i miss my computer games :(
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    Built this last summer:

    Q6600 @ stock
    9800GTX+ OC'ed slightly
    4GB @ 1066
    Asus P5K Deluxe

    Nothing really special but it plays Crysis @ 1280x1024 decently with everything on High. The quad helps a lot for rendering 3d scenes too.
  10. Hehe my high school graduation gift is still my computer - it's old as fuck! Back from 2005..

    Intel P4 3.4GHZ
    Gigabyte Mobo
    2GB Corsair XMS DDR2 DualChannel Memory
    eVGA nVidia GeForce 7800GT
    Soundblaster Audigy
    700w Power Supply
    Dual 19" Viewsonic LCDs

    Though I just started saving up in the last month or so for a new computer. $200 down, $1800 to go!
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    XFX nForce 780i tri sli
    q6600 core 2 quad 2.4ghz\OC to 3.2ghz STABLE (*lapped*)
    4GB (4x1024MB) ocz platinum 800mhz DDR2
    EVGA GeForce 9800gtx+
    Turtle Beach Montego 7.1 sound card
    PC Power & Cooling 750w quad blue psu
    Zalman cnps 9700

    runs all my games 1920x1200 MAX settings!!
  12. Video card: dual 9800 nvidia xfx gt 512mb
    processor:vamd 64 x2 dual core 3800+ 2.00ghz
    RAM: 4gb
    OS: 64 bit vista ultimute
    case: NZXT gaming armor
    hard drive: seagate baracude 1.5 TB
    mouse: Razer Deathadder
    keyboard: saitek eclipse II
    monitor: 20'' pro view widescreen
  13. I got a hp Pavillion dv6000 laptop. Only 2gb ram and 250gb HD. 2.00ghz. 32 bit vista premium.
    i got some 6 piece speaker setup
    they were $90 couldnt pass that up. Not the loudest but there good.

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    Holy shit maybe I should come out to the public forums more often, I didn't even know GC had created a computer section.

    My rig is a couple of years old now and running solid. It was built with silence as the primary goal:

    Antec P182 lined with a shitload of sound-absorbing foam
    Biostar TP35D2-A7 mobo w/Intel P35 Northbridge and integrated Realtek 7.1 audio (I do NOT recommend this mobo due to SATA problems I've had which are now resolved)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33 GHz w/1333 MHz FSB and 4MB L2 cache, passively cooled with a Thermalright HR-01-775 fanless heatsink
    2 GB of OCZ DDR2 @ 800 MHz
    MSI GeForce 8600 GTS w/256 MB of 128-bit DDR3, passively cooled by a fanless heatsink
    Hitachi 160GB hard drive
    FSP 400W fanless power supply
    Asus DRW-1814BLT SATA Dual Layer DVD±RW/-RAM w/2 MB Cache, LightScribe (this drive is a fucking piece of crap, I was able to burn a single Lighscribe label and now it refuses to do Lightscribe at all)
    Three Noctua 120mm case fans running at either 600 or 1200 RPM, I don't remember

    It used to be almost silent when I had the HDD enclosed in gel packs inside an aluminum box. Unfortunately one of the gel packs sprung a leak so I had to take the drive out of the enclosure. Now I can hear the hard drive.
  15. MY setup is:

    amd athlon FX-57, (o.c to 3.2ghz)
    Asus a8n-sli premium
    Ati radeon X800GTO
    2GB OCZ ram
    3x WD RE3 1TB disks
    1x Seagate 250gb disk
    1x Maxtro 80gb disk
    1x old IBM 10gb disk
    Power LC 550w
    pioneer dvd drive

    I'ts a little old but still running good, I don't need it for gaming a lot cuz I have a 360.
  16. JUST built this beast

    EVGA x56 SLI classified motherboard
    Intel core i7 965 quad core processor overclocked to 4.40ghz
    24GB RAM
    2 Radeon HD 4890 graphics cards
    western digital velociRaptor 300GB 10000RPM SATA drive
    dual LG Flatron 1720p monitors

    I win
  17. Intel Q9550 (2.8 ghz quad-core)
    1Gb ATI 4870
    4 Gb OCZ Reaper RAM 1066 speed
    WD 1 TB hard drive
    PCP 610 watt power supply
    in an Antec 900 case

    and a nice 22" and some klipsch speakers to go with
  18. no offense, but that's a waste of money.
  19. not if your best friend from 5th grade works at tigertdirect and can get you stuff off the site for like half off

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