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What's your current occupation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. still in college.. looking to specialize within environmental engineering. What are you guys up to?
  2. Med student...1st year

    Yeah, no fucking joke.
  3. EMT-B

    Well almost...
  4. electronics recycling
  5. i just finished a full year of a general art and film study. i get december off, then i start game design in january. hopefully in a year i'll be a writer.
  6. male stripper at a strip club part time, going on polls and giving lap dances i make good money... im currently in the seminary though and go to college im becoming a priest
  7. Cook/ server in a retirement community restaurant. In college for architectural engineering
  8. Auto parts monkey

  9. I hoped your a rich motherfucker because in 8 years when you graduate your gonna be so in debt it's not even funny
  10. AV/IT Production Tech.. sweet gig. Tons of stoners in the industry!
  11. Intern/Assitant Teacher for at risk inner city youth. They smoke more weed than I do.

    Soon to be pre-med/post-bac student, going through the application process right now.
  12. Graduate student and teaching assistant.
  13. snowboarder in summit county, CO. all expenses paid :D.

  14. Self employed
  15. unemployed part time community college student.
  16. Maybe so, but he'll probably be making more than enough gwap to pay off his loans in no's the medical field. C'mon.

    I work part-time at an ice cream place and I'm going to school full-time for poli sci.
  17. None, at the moment.

    Prior, Corp Sales for a Fortune 500 technology provider.
  18. I work at a car rental place. Super easy work, not very stressful either
  19. In college studying sustainable development, work on a goat farm during the summer.
  20. Studying to be a Process Technology Engineer, but I'm currently an in home care nurse.

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