What's your computer's specs?

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  1. I'm GTX560 ti, 8gb RAM system (for display I have it set to 4gb, my mobo was defected and wont DDR3!!), i5-Sandybridge 2500, P4 Extreme Asus mobo I believe (garbage) lol.

    Whatchu guys got? Someone size me :)
  2. GTX 580 OC
    3.2GHz Quad core
    6gb ram
    gigabyte ga-880 ddr3 mobo

    I'm still in the market for upgrades, somewhat.
  3. 16gb patriot g2 series ddr3 RAM
    sabretooth 990fx motherboard
    amd phenom ii black edition x6 3.3ghz
    2x samsung 1tb 7200rpm sata hard drives (hand-me-downs)
    soundblaster x-fi titanium
    logitech g15 keyboard (1st edition)
    logitech performance mx mouse
    asus 24" monitor vw226h (model reported by catalyst, not sure if true)
    audio-technica ARTmonitor ath-a900 headphones (were a gift)

    and just today, i added
    sapphire amd radeon 6870 hd
    (an upgrade from a his amd radeon 4850 hd)

    i figure aside from some the hand-me-down drives, i'm set for another 5 years. having a job this summer helped me a lot on this front.
  4. I'm likin' that mobo

    how much was it?
  5. wasnt there another thread... just like this..... in fact i know there was lol... i posted in it.... not even an hour ago.... why 2 threads?
  6. I have a Dell XPS 435MT and I recommend nobody ever buys one. It's about two years old now. I still run 60 FPS with WoW on maximum settings, but if I don't have a big 9" fan on the side with the panel off it shuts off after a 30-60 minutes of game play. Even with downgraded graphics it'll still over-heat.

    Windows Vista 64 bit.
    Intel Core i7 processor 2.67GHz
    2.0 GB Ram
    HD Raedon 4850 Graphics Card.

    My next computer I'm going to build/design myself. The layout of this computer has such horrible cooling. Graphics card is like it's own heat trap on the bottom of the computer.

    My monitor is a Dell 21" 1600:900 HD.
    Keyboard is some shitty $10 Logitech (gets the job done)
    My mouse is a Naga Razer (blue)
  7. I searched back 7 pages and there are no 'Post your rig threads' aside from the ones asking for build advice
  8. ahhh I see it now :p

    it's hiding in pandora's box
  9. i think i got it with the cpu in a bundle at fry's in vegas for around 300 bucks. i bet you could do better online.

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