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What's your code?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kstev, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. What are your secret ways of talking about weed with a buddy?

    If I want to smoke i'll say...
    Wanna play halo?
    Wanna go to Burger King?
    Let's have a meeting.

    I want to create a bigger list of codes that all my friends will know; such as time, location, who is providing, what to smoke out of, etc.

    Does anyone have something like this?
  2. "lets smoke weed"
  3. haha, me and my mom say "wanna talk to elroy?"

    no clue how that phrase came out, used to be a code she used with her friends when she was hiding it from me, but we eventually figured out we were both stoners and still blaze up together to this day haha
  4. Well when I'm with a friend and were around his kids we always say lets eat a marshmallow, but other than that its "lets go smoke some weed":hello:
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    My buddy used to have a bubbler we called doc oc, and whenever we wanted to smoke it, we would say "I feel a little sick. I think I need to see the doctor." We thought it was fucking hilarious, since we worked together and constantly talk about it at work.

    edit: "You wanna jam?" yeaaa, we said that for awhile.
  6. Lmao smoking weed was calling getting pizza for us.
  7. i always tell my buddy "you stay here" but he never does
  8. Wanna hang? = Let's smoke weed
  9. Want to smoke a bowl?
    Wait that's not code.
    Darn, I never had to use a "code" before.

    What about this, Want to go bowling?
    I think that would work.
  10. "Yeah?"

    That's about it
  11. Want to smoke this blunt.
  12. "you up for doing something"?
    or fancy a smoke?

    I remember when people where saying got any green paint when they was askin for buds lol.
  13. I've had people say Let's go get a CD, and of course the classic safety meeting.

    But yeah personally it's always straight to the point, lets blow/smoke/twist one. If I'm calling my boy about hooking up it's just simply "Cool to shoot through?" Not so much code, just fewer words and laziness
  14. feel like I did this more as a one point I think there was a code that involved pizza.
  15. You chillin?
  16. Wanna smoke some weed?
  17. This:smoke:
  18. sometimes we use sugar-free red bull.
  19. we used cereal brand names XD

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