what's your buzzkill?

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  1. hey guys. just curious as to what kills everyone's buzz. obviously food and showers, stuff like that. but what kills your buzz that you wouldn't normally think of as a buzz kill.
    for me it's sitting there doing nothing. it's like i don't even want to be high unless there's something to do.
    for some reason country music is also a buzz kill. it doesn't bother me sober, but when i'm high i can't stand it, and then i'm not high anymore.
  2. paranoid people and cops are my top buzz killers.
  3. people who are too god damn drunk and start causing a scene...last nite i was at a fire (i was trippin...the only one hwo was trippin was me) and this one girl had her mom pick her up...she was wasted...she left and like a half hour later, then she cam back and i was like "wtf...i thought she left" so she said she had a huge fight with her mom and walked back to my friends house...then my frineds mom came out and gave her this huge lecture and basically shit on this girl saying that she has to mature etc...it lasted like 5 or 10 minutes and everyone at the fire was just listening to this kids mom...such a buzzkill...i hate drunk people...i was on acid and i was still more in control of myself than this girl

    and shitty music lol
  4. My biggest buzzkill is loud people, no matter if I'm drunk or high. I can't stand loud obnoxious people who feel they haev to make a scene to get attention.
  5. Drama, stupid ass people, and cops.

    My mom too.
  6. yeah, the drunks are horrible. you got a nice mellow high and they come in screamin and throwin shit. i can't say this bothers me as much as lectures though. when people drink enough, they think they're the president addressing the whole country. when they smoke enough, they just tell hilarious stories.
    i gotta say though, sometimes i just have to laugh. they think they're so serious but wouldn't know if they pissed themselves. it's pretty funny watching someone think they rule the world but they can't walk across the room without falling.
  7. country music is a definite buzzkill.

    people who always have better stories / want more attention
    getting pulled over / busted
    girls crying
    girls and drama
    the crazy mother fuckers at a party who are always shouting
  8. buzz killington

  9. "would you like to look at some etchings?"
  10. lines, standing in lines kills the high so badly.
  11. people acting high because i am. i took 4 waterfalls, you took one pipe hit, you should not be higher than me.



    people i dont like
  12. forgetting where i put my stuff, cops, people that mooch for more bud, haha i can be sometimes (when im really baked i talk, A LOT. i have a lot of ideas i feel i need to share and i dont realize how much i am talking)
  13. awkward situations.. :eek:
  14. honestly, watching movies are my buzzkill when Im stoned. if I wanna watch a movie, I dont need to be high to do it, unless its like yellow submarine or something.
  15. Akward situations / drama is a main for me....besides other little things that just erk me.

    I have a story.

    Thursday night I rolled up to fat ass blunts cuz everyone was drunk and I wanted another buzz to go with my drink. My sister and niece from another state are down and wanna party and right when they get there they start acting like fucking morons. Shit talking my friends, being loud, acting like bitches. So when I say I'm going to get some bud, they flip shit and are like OMG yes, and bug me every minute for the next 20 minutes.

    My sister kind of made it up to me cuz she gave me 2 tab 10s, but it goes downhill from there. My sister and niece had been drinking for a long time and had popped some methadones. Well we get that bud and they take like 2 hits and go back into the bathroom and come back for the last half of the second blunt.

    This is where shit hits the fan...everything's going fine, we're listenin to music and just chillin. For no reason at all my niece pops off at my sister, my sister has never lost a fight and she's been in more than me, so my sister gets up. They were about to fight acting like white trash in front of my friends and I had to break it up... It was all tense after that and killed my high so bad.
  16. Parties with extremely loud music that sounds like shit and lots of annoying drunk people who think they are the shit.

    When you let somebody green a bowl and by the time it gets to you it's dee.
  17. when people look/talk to you differently when your high
    hangin out with people who dont smoke when your high. whenever im around em they seem to comment on every little thing i do and relate it to "being soooo stoned" i dont get it, i just dont get it.
  18. My buzzkill comes from cops and country music .
  19. jerking off brings me down like no other when im high
  20. "ARE YOU HIGH?!?!" I can't stand it! It happened today, me and my friend took like 4 bowl hits each and went to eat some food and our homies round the corner and strait up ask

    "Where were you guys? Did you....huh....are you guys blazed?"

    SHUTUP my god.

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