What's your breverage to kick out the kottons?

Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. When you have the cottonmouth like a mutha, what is the best way to quench that thirst of yours?

    Personally, I would have to say my ultimate thirst quencher is propel flavored fitness water. this shit is goood. especially the berry flavor. Mmm.

    EDIT: how do you make a poll?
  2. I don't know about a poll, but for tonight it's Keith's for killing cottons. I don't care if the mascot guy WAS a kiddy porn distributor, those commercials were funny as shit.
  3. arizona green tea!
  4. Water for me.

    gets the job done and leaves the pound-packing for the munchies.
  5. gatorade works pretty well for me, but i gotta go with green tea, i cannot get enough of the stuff
  6. Gatorade, chocolate milk, juice, or Kool Aid. But not Flavor Aid, Flavor Aid is a rip off.
  7. im very unconventional .. im going with the southern comfort
  8. flavor-aid, sux shit through a straw. if i got cottens, i like a cold coca-cola, if im hot and thirsty as hell, i like a cold budwieser.
  9. Loads of ice, mineral water, with just a little apple juice on the top. Very thirst quenching!!
  10. H2O mate. That's how I get down.
  11. chocolate milk, or just plain ol water

  12. Wooooot!
  13. water or some sort of energy drink like monster or red bull.
  14. water, bawlz, redbull

  15. Mmmm. . . .That sounds good, think i'll try that tonight!

    I normally drink Hot Green tea with 1 Tblsp of Honey and just a dash of sugar.
  16. Usually water cuz I'm cheap, but Vitamin Water is good too. It tastes good, but unlike most flavored drinks it isn't all sugary and doesn't make you want to keep drinking it (which is good, because my mouth is dry enough without a drink that makes me want to keep drinking it).
  17. lemonwater, chilled
  18. Coke w/ lime, or Vault either one is good for me.
  19. im amazed that nobodies said mountain dew yet, that stuff is the shit
  20. too sugary

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