What's your biggest secret?

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  1. I despise Robert plant's voice

  2. Q: What is your biggest secret?
    A: I know your fate.
  3. I was the Pee Champion in 4th grade....for havin the long distance pee lol
  4. Jim Morrison is alive and well...

    He lives in my basement.

    Love The Avi, Member Title & Sig... Huge Seinfeld fan here. :metal:

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    Accidentally knocked up my first girlfriend in high school. She asked me what I thought she should do and I said it's her choice. She chose to keep it and we were gonna tell our parents a week later, then the day before, she changed her mind and chose to get an abortion. Nobody ever found out except her older cousin who helped her out.
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  6. After browsing the forums, and pretty much reading 65+ pages of this I decided to make an account so I could share my secrets.

    1) In high-school I hated every single one of my friends, we were so different but I acted like I was interested in there shit for 4 years. When I left school I never contacted them again and whenever I see them in public I walk past them without saying a word.

    2) I still did socialise with them as this is where this secret comes from, one night we were all high at a park, my friend had taken his brand new bike that was worth about $600 we were leaving I saw it and said nothing, the next morning he said to us that he left his bike at the park we went there at it had been stolen.

    I would have felt bad for the second one but he was a complete asshole to me and would have done the same thing to me.

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  7. Secrets can be very detrimental.

    I often find myself thinking about past relationships to a point where I dream of the women I've been with...

    Worst part is, I've been with my wife for over a decade and from time to time I still think of them... It's haunting at times. I rarely remember my dreams at all, but sometimes i dream about a past relationship and I find it changes my mood for the whole day or sometimes longer. If I had to guess what/why this affects me is because to this day I still care about their well being and remember the good times we shared.

    ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCE THIS or have a similar story?

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  8. I started eating pussy as a kid.
    Haha when I think back, I couldn't have been older than 7. I was at my baby sitters house and her daughter was in the room with me. We were in bed, you know, not a big deal for kids to sleep together.

    So something told me to go under the covers, pull down her panties just enough and kiss her on her pussy lmaoooo idk what came over me , it just felt right. Gotta love pussy. :)
  9. Hiding my feelings for a girl I've liked since senior year. We go to different colleges but I hang out with her brother, so I still get a chance to see her. It amazes me how beautiful she seems to be after I haven't seen her in a while.

    I wish I could tell her how I felt, but I feel like she doesn't think of me the same way. Sometimes she tells her friends how annoying I am, even more annoying than her other friends that only drink and party. It's hard... I don't think I'll find someone else like her. Sorry for the emotion, everyone.

    Nighttime brings out feelings, from what I've experienced.
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  10. Talk to one of her friends, if you don't wanna talk to her yourself maybe they can put you on... Or her bother lmao
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    Her brother thinks we should date, but she's kind of had a strained relationship with him because he blazes. I've asked one of her close friends (who's a good friend of mine) about her, but she changes the topic pretty much always. If we were close friends, I would probably have some sort of chance. Not looking good for me right now
  12. I feel you man. I always tell other dudes in this situation, that if you ask her out and she says no, well then your in the same place your in now you know?

    I know that's easier said than done. But if you gotta hit her up via text or even fuggin Facebook, I say its worth a shot. I know it sounds taboo to use that kinda media to pull bitches. Lol I used to think the same thing. But then I remembered that these chicks grew up around the web and text messaging like the rest of us born in the 90s / late 80s. So they don't look at it like its fuct up.

    I mean, I say take a shot. You miss 100% of shots you don't take. Not saying hit her up right now, or even using the means which I suggested. But once you work up the courage, well do whatever feels right. But you gotta try. At least then you can say you took a shot at your dream girl. It's good that she's somebody you know somewhat personally, and not just some broad you met at a Starbucks, believe it or not it gives you an edge.
  13. Hell yeah dude. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually going to text her something right now. It's not going to be romantic, but it'll build up the friendship we have right now and hopefully it'll go further.
    Appreciate your advice again.
  14. No problem man. And yeah you've got the right idea. Any conversation is good. It just makes her mor comfortable talking to you, and when you do decide to hit her with some real shit she'll know she can take you seriously.
  15. My biggest secret? I don't know maybe that one time when I allowed my sweetheart to pee in my mouth and we made out.
  16. are you fucking serious right now???!!

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  17. At a low point in my life I drank myself out of home and job. I was sleeping on my sisters floor in her apartment with the contingency of no drinking. Well, I'm a drunk and one night it was pouring down rain and I showed up late about midnight or so ready to crash. I was shitfaced. She had locked the door and set my sleeping bag out for me. FML. I tried sleeping on the stairs for awhile but it was too uncomfortable. So I headed down to the rivers and slept in the wet brush. Raining cats and dogs. I slipped and came within inches of some sharp stick sticking through my eye. Eventually my sleeping bag was soaked. I left it there and crawled out of the mud and walked back to my sisters. I waited for hours on the steps for her to wake up. She finally let me in but she was crying to see me in such a condition, drunk, soaked and muddy and helpless. I'm an asshole. I don't drink anymore.

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    Yeah, quite often actually. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 7 years. I love him and I can easily see us getting married and spending the rest of our lives together. Do I sometimes spontaneously  remember past relationships or people I've slept with and then think about them for days on end? Absolutely. And honestly, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. You can't expect yourself to forget every woman you've ever cared about and to never remember or think about them. As long as you're not actively fantasizing (sexually) about them or trying to contact them and hook up, I say you're in the clear.  
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  19. I lived with my dad until I was 18. During the last year that I lived with him, I grew weed in my bedroom. The set up was inside a large cupboard that I'd always had, and I grew two plants at a time under led grow lights. The man at the light store actually explained in detail how to grow weed with these lights. Surely he will get caught one day? I also set up a ventilation system with a fan and bendable pipe leading to my window, to make sure the plants got enough air. Honestly, I don't know how my dad never noticed the smell, it was so damn obvious to my brothers who noticed what was going on but didn't care. My dad never found out I was doing this and honestly I felt guitly doing this in his house without his permission. It is legal to grow (in small amounts) in the state of ACT though. The bud wasn't that great quality, but there was a lot of it so I couldn't complain.  
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  20. I've started to hate everyone. Not just me being upset or annoyed true hate. The kind that makes your stomach turn and your jaw clench in a nasty smile while shaking your head. Every single human i am around is so... disappointing i think is the right word. They are all so stuck up their own ass. Humans are disgustingly selfish and narcissitic without even being aware of it. Fuck humanity.

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