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What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Badfish90, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Just like the title says, what's your biggest pet peeve when smoking with someone or a group of people?

    Mine: That one person who always slobbers on the joint/blunt. Why do they insist on making out with it?
  2. The one person that says "I think I'm feeling it guys!"...Well duh, we're getting high. What did you expect?
  3. when some one always mooches for someone to pack em a bowl
  4. when someone fuckin passes out after burning, or stops smoking after a couple hits..
    i hate it. i like to keep the ball rollin:bongin:
  5. i have some very talkative friends, as soon as they come over i immediately pack them a bong load so they will chill. ill hand them the bee line, they will light the bee line, and then continue to tell a story as the bee line is burning...they will then put out the bee line, then light again and pretend like theyre going to take a rip. then put the bee line out again and continue talking. annoying as fuck. just take the rip and finish your story.
  6. people that talk mad shit about being a stoner but they green out after half a blunt of mids <------ true story. also i hate people that dont respect your pieces i payed good money for them so dont fuck them up its common sense.

  7. ^this
  8. pointless threads
  9. I had a friend that torched our only bowl for the night and put his mouth completely around the mouth piece. I died inside haha. Then me and my other friend took about 100 resin hits. Most desperate to get high ever

  10. Somebody's cranky. Everybody else has contributed so it seems like the only thing useless here is your complaint.

    If you don't feel like this is worthy of a thread fine, but don't bring down the discussion with your grouchy attitude.
  11. When my idiotic friends hold the bowl/whatever while it's cherried and just talk. So annoying.

    Then when I say to hit it before it goes out, the dumbfuck tries to hit it and says to me "It's not cherried dude" well no shit, because your dumbass held it for 5 minutes.

    That is my biggest pet peeve, for sure.
  12. when someone acts like they are sucking a dick when they get handed a spoon pipe. thank you for defiling my pipe.
  13. [quote name='"dank-a-sauras"']pointless threads[/quote]

    No one told you to open it.
  14. When people always try to mooch off me. Like I smoked you up a few times and all, but don't call me asking to smoke if you aren't gonna throw in any bud or cash.
  15. People who can't hit a joint and put their lips on it and soak it. Uh huh.
  16. To see someone without a open backpack and I just run up and close them then people think im stealing ugh
  17. Someone who smokes a blunt and causes it to run on one side.
  18. People who think smoking weed is a compeition to see who can get the highest, Some people rag on me when I just take one or two bong snaps, I don't smoke weed to get super fucked up, IMO that's a huge waste.

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