Whats your biggest fear?

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  1. What your biggest fear?
    Mine would either be getting burned alive or getting ass raped.
    Im serious about the ass rape that shit scares the fuck outta me. That is the only reason i dont wanna go to prison. I can take shitty meals,boredom,lonlyness,and violence but getting ass raped terrifies me.
  2. Hmm good question, I would have to say my biggest fears involve where my life is in danger; dark alley's, sketchy hoods, scared of being jumped, scared of being killed in torturous ways, etc. Especially that last one
  3. Dying young and spiders.

    I really fuckin' hate spiders, man.
  4. Probably at my core, its trusting people.
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    I have a fear of the unknown or an abyssal fear. Something like being stranded in the ocean at night. Just being on the beach at night can spook me if I really think about it. I use to surf and anytime I was off my board, I was back on it instantly. Oddly, I don't mind scuba diving since you're geared up, however if I'm fishing in the Bahamas, where the water is clear and you can see straight down, I won't get in the water even if the boat was a stroke away. I don't think Space would bug me, if I were randomly adrift I would be more worried about the inevitable running out of food/air rather than it's void. The ocean is scary because I know shit is lurking and I'm uncertain of it. (not saying there is no form of life in space, I'm just not scared of it like I am about shit lurking the deep sea.)

    Another weird fear is floating, I see a lot of people say falling but I have nightmares where I float upwards and can't be stopped, I just keep going up and up and rather than waking up before I hit the ground, I wake up before I ever start to fall.

    Realistically, I'm petrified by bugs. Specifically roaches and palmetto bugs. If I see one in my room I would run to my mother, even if it was 5am, begging her to kill it. Normally spiders don't bug me but I saw a monster the other night, I left my window up and I fucking heard it before I saw it. It feel to the ground with a thud, when it ran off I could hear the little taps it made on the hard wood. I'm getting chills thinking about it. Fuck bugs, man.
  6. Snakes.

    Fuck those limbless creatures.
  7. spiders and failing
  8. Is it the ass play the scares you or is it the idea being forced against your will or being dehumanized? We must go deeper.
  9. Falling...
  10. nothing really. i don't live by fear

    if i had to pick one thing, it would be to experience floating endlessly through the universe. it's just so immense it's frightening in a way to be off our home
  11. It's weird that floating and abyssal stuff bug me but the universe seems calming, maybe because I'm fascinated by it or know I will most likely never experience it. Would being stranded in the ocean be frightening to you? The two seem very similar to me.
  12. Impotence, old age, and spiders.
  13. Rejection or getting into a fight. The second one may seem odd, but i have two injuries so if i were to get into a fight i would literally be defenseless.
  14. Dying completely alone with no one remembering me and not having contributed significantly to anything.

    Also Bees, a huge fucking swarm of bees
  15. Being buried alive, dam that would really suck
  16. being stuck, not just physically stuck but mentally. thought it was claustrophobia for the longest time, but realized I would get small panic attacks if I got stuck high up or something.
  17. People, spiders, and being stuck in life.
  18. Prison butt rape.
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    Being forced,humilated,and dehumanized is about 80% of the fear 15% is fear of AIDS or other STDs and the other 5% is cuz i hear ass rape really hurts.
    Im telling ya im probably more scared of rape than most females.

    Im not so scared of being forced to suck dick because if you put a dick in my mouth ill bite that fucker off.

    Also my parents really emphasized on stranger danger and all the sick shit pedophiles and shit do to kids such as ass rape
  20. Claustrophobia, heart attacks, having a bad disease, not being successful in life, among others

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