What's your biggest childhood fear

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  1. I was scared of the animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese ' when I was little. My main problem was I feared that when the curtains were closed, I feared one of the would come down and attack my (this was in 1999) I only got over when the store tech asked me what I was scared of. Once I told him my fear he went and took the feet off of one of them so I could see how they were reinforced to the floor. I was even on the stage while they were operating after that.


    the specialty guy
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Really? Mt sisters and I would stick random coupon toys in his mouth and guitars of random band mates

    We were Chuck e cheese pirates in that place...
  4. That girl from the ring movie freaked me the fuck out and whenever I would have a bad nightmare she would be in it...Creepy bitch crawling out of the well and through the tv..
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  5. Yeah that bitch was creepy AF.
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