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What's your best tip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Don't keep your weed in baggies. It dry's it out.
    Try using a pill container, mason jar, contact case, candy case, film canister, etc,
    just anything air tight.

  2. brilliant. I'm trying this.
  3. Well shit, I shouldn't have to spell it out... ;)
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  5. Learn to roll joints and blunts, it's ridiculous how many people can't. Or at least get a rolling machine if you're lazy, but human joints > robot joints every time :smoke:

    And for the love of god, if you have to cough, DON'T DO IT IN THE BONG! No one likes soggy weed.
  6. Something I read here earlier that I thought could be very helpful with new smokers (or at least the super paranoid noobs that I sometimes chief with) was something like, Nobody thinks your high, nobody cares that you're high, just fucking relax haha. I have a friend whose SO paranoid, the second we hit the joint his head is on a swivel for 5-0 (more than reasonable)
  7. Always bring a spare lighter.
    Always have something to unblock the conepiece with. No one likes a blocked cone that wrecks the sesh because it's impossible to unblock
  8. Control yourself, respect the plant.

    Marijuana may not be "harmfully" addicting, but it's certainly mentally-addicting just like Grasscity! Control your use. Unless you're settled in life, have a job, a steady life basically, don't smoke too much of it. I think you need to be settled and on your way before you can make marijuana a big part of your life. It's not that it makes you lazy, pipe-dreams can slowly become "I'll smoke a joint and do that later!".. It's not the marijuanas fault, whenever you enjoy something thoroughly sometimes your mind puts that over your should-be priorities. I think marijuana, unless medically, should be used as a weekend type treat, like drinking alcohol for example. Once you control the plant you'll gain more respect and enjoyment for it.

    Admit flaws, cherish the plant.

    Don't start believing that marijuana cant cause harm and that abuse wont lead to problems. I'm not talking about health-problems but social problems. If you're an anti-social person like myself, marijuana may not be the best thing for you, especially not in a social-setting. You have to realize that moderation makes marijuana valuable and safe, but abuse ruins the great characteristics of the plant. Yes, it's safer than so many things. It's not the plant like I said, it's usually the position your life is in and your personality that can lead to problems.

    Smoke the plant, don't become the plant.

    Too many people fuck their lives up on marijuana. It's not marijuana, its the life-style people think they should live. The mind is a crazy crazy place. If people believe that stoners are lazy and stupid, and yet smoke marijuana, chances are they will become like the stereotype they believe in. A comparison would be like hicks who believe they're tough, gangsters who think they're hard because of what they wear, ect, ect. You don't have to wear trippy clothing, hemp, and smell like skunk all day to be a stoner. You can though, and that's fine.

    Find a dealer, not a fellow-stoner.

    I find too many people don't have a secure dealer, and oh my is it important. If you have somebody who deals marijuana for a living (literally) you're not gonna get ripped off, and you're going to run into more variety and possibly be hooked up with other drugs (if that's your thing.. and your dealers thing..) Anyone who sells marijuana to have marijuana and not money is most likely going to deal free you or cut you short, or give them the bad part of their stache. It's simple, keep the best, sell the rest. It's not hard whatsoever to find a dealer.. who did your friend get it from? Exactly! I know some dealers may rip off, but not all. The best thing to do is talk to a seasoned-toker, somebody with experience.

    Set an example, be an activist to the community around you.

    Smoke responsibility, don't tell people "marijuana doesn't cause you to do this, look like this, ect ect" then go out and do the exact opposite. I find too many people do this, mostly kids, if not all. You shouldn't be smoking marijuana and acting like a bad ass because of it. Don't try to act hard, tough, whatever.. just be a normal dude, smoke marijuana and show people that the stereotypes aren't true. The best thing to hear is "Omg! I cant believe so and so would do such a thing!".. It's the ultimate quote you hear that just proves a good point- stereotypes of marijuana smokers aren't true.

    Roll joints with plenty, smoke bowls to save money.

    I jones joints all day, every day. I smoke them on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday. I rarely smoke through the week now, if ever. Joints are a luxury, its the difference between sipping pop off the floor and drinking it out of a glass-bottle. It's amazing to sit back with a perfectly rolled joint and just smoke it. Joints are great with friends as well, especially when you're the one who is rolling it! (learn to roll).. the only problem is, joints are pricey. A bong has a higher percentage of THC, takes less marijuana, and is better for your lungs. It sounds amazing, it is, but there is just something about holding a joint that makes it that much better. Smoking a joint is good when you have lots of marijuana, but smoking a joint can sometimes = a whole weeks stache that would last in bowls.


    I'm done for now!
  9. School before weed.
  10. dont go around thiking someones gonna smoke you out
  11. When it comes to hits, slow and steady wins the race ;)
  12. It will always be difficult to order your meal at the fast food resteraunt, just live with it :smoker:
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    be generous with your weed. it's just a plant. what comes around goes around.

    have some supplies. it's a good idea to keep sunglasses, papers, clear boys, a lighter, and something you can use to pack with in your car. none of it counts as paraphrenelia.

    learn to corner bowls. practice makes perfect. there's no shame in making mistakes, just be honest if you aren't sure what you're doing.

    bring a drink!

  14. I like sneaking a bag of baby carrots into the theater when i'm baked waaaayyy cheaper than the munchables they got there and way better for you too.

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