Whats Your Best Smoothie Recipie?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Toke-a-chu, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. They're so easy to drink and can be so healthy if you put in the right stuff. Usually when I'm with my friends (which is a lot) and we get hungry, we always go to McDonalds or Taco Bell, basically fast food. I love me a fat saturated, drowning in cheese and bacon Baconator, but I know that's gotta clog your arteries bad within the first few bites, lol.I mainly want to negate the fast food as much as possible via eating extra healthy at home and smoothies are my first step. I'd like to get my friends into it as well and hopefully steer them away from Death in a Bag every now and then. Also, one of those friends is pregnant with her first baby!!! Are there any super charged pregnancy smoothies you know of?
  2. I suggest the joe rogan kale shake. The shakes i make daily are water, 2 cups of vegtables and an apple. Basically just toss some water and vegtables into a blender and your good.

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  3. Just started making smoothies when started the gym at the 1st of the year. Only one we been making so far is banana, oatmeal, milk, peanut butter, and flavored protein powder. Need to find more to make. My wife is getting on a health kick.

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  4. Favorite fruit + some sugar.

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  5. Don't add sugar quit fast food it's poison. I LOVE bananas, cocoa powder (baking section in grocery store,) almond milk, and honey. Great for chocolate cravings.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  6. Knowing me, I'd mess up making a smoothie. I just hit up Smoothie King and order Angel cAKE.
  7. Good way to start out if you're new to fruits n' veggies:
    -Spinach/Kale (as the base)
    -Your favorite juice
    + any combo of:
    -Coconut yoghurt
    -Frozen berries
  8. Banana, strawberry, berries (mix any you like), and papaya, if not sweat enough for your taste (with any fruit for that matter) just add natural honey, avoid sugars. Healthy, filling, and delicious. Best of luck OP.Fuck your French, and excuse my Ebonics....
  9. banana is a must in any smoothie is my opinion, i like, banana, oatmeal, some frozen red berries (cost effective), soy/almond milk, protein powder and a little honey
  10. I usually do a joe rogan style shake post workout. But instead of Kale I'll use Spinach. It's usually....

    Couple handfuls of Spinach
    2 carrots
    Cup of frozen strawberries
    Cup of frozen blueberries

    If it's not post workout I'll take out 1 or 2 servings of fruit.

    Don't use protein powder bc I get enough from food sources

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  11. I find that a smoothie isn't right if there's no banana per 2 cups of smoothie. The texture is all wrong and the flavors aren't as tasty.
    I'm not much of a veggies person, I've just kept putting a few kale branches in with each one. I juiced some grape fruit and used that in one. It wasn't my best, and I'm sure the half of an under ripe avocado didn't help! Haha. I also bought some Sambazon açai berry juice and that tastes a lotttttttTTT like chocolate!!!!!!
    I'm planning on freezing chunks of everything as well. I noticed when I used a whole bunch of frozen blueberries it froze up the whole drink and I found that to be really pleasant. What fruits freeze well? I'm planning on freezing Kiwi, bananas, mangos, and maybe some blackberries.

    Oh, Greek yogurt doesn't freeze well, btw. And strawberries that have been frozen will create a thick sugary syrup that sweetens up a bitter smoothie realllll nice :)
  12. I use...

    -A banana
    -frozen berries (usually strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
    -frozen Mango
    -two spoonfuls of organic Greek yogurt
    -1 cup of milk (sometimes almond milk)
    -two spoonfuls of ground flaxseed

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  13. I wouldn't even bother taking out the 1 or 2 servings of fruit. Don't like them scare you because of the sugar. The natural sugars are great.
    My smoothies usually look like:
    3-4 bananas
    1-2 apples
    1-2 orange
    1-2 pears
    I shoot for about 10 fruits in the smoothie to eat throughout the day with meats and nuts.
    I made a delicious salad smoothie last night. Just used:
    Romaine lettuce
  14. Lol only one I make of the list that my doctor gave me is:

    half cup of heavy whipping cream
    3 tbsp peanut butter
    3 tbsp chocolate syrup
    1 and a half cup of chocolate ice cream

    ima need to buy some fruits and veggies and try some of these out
  15. you can use almost any fresh fruits or veggies. 
    mix up so you get the desired taste and texture.
    use things like goji berries, chia seeds, spirulina, maca powder, cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, ginger.
    do not use:
    - sugar
    - isolates (like protein powder).
    - maple syrup, honey
    - hemp powder, organic protein (not isolate) 
  16. 3oz rum, 4oz Lite Strawberry Daiquiri mix...toss them shits in my Booze Ninja blender and hit the button..
    Can't get no smoother than that
  17. I call them banana bangers - wish had one right now!

    Coconut milk
    Peanut butter
    Raw cocao powder
    Hempseed protein
    Honey or blackstrap molasses

    I'm most def gonna try this one soon, sounds delicious!
    I usually use frozen bananas or an avocado as the base, then add some greens (spinach's my favorite), then add add the fruits and berries I have available. Then some hemp protein, flaxseeds, coconut oil and maybe some almonds. Maybe some coconut milk or almond milk if I'm in the mood.
    I also love using beets in smoothies! Orange and beets go great together, and it gives me a real energy kick.
    I also really like cucumber and honeydew melon together.
    I really need to get better at making smoothies with more vegetables, still prefer them sweet.
  19. banana and straw berry smoothie but before adding it to the glass you put in 7/8 of Tito's vodka into the glass 
  20. Strawberries and bananas make a mean combination

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