What's your alignment?

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What's your alignment?

  1. Lawful Good

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  2. Neutral Good

    2 vote(s)
  3. Chaotic Good

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  4. Lawful Neutral

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  5. True Neutral

    3 vote(s)
  6. Chaotic Neutral

    7 vote(s)
  7. Lawful Evil

    1 vote(s)
  8. Neutral Evil

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  9. Chaotic Evil

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  1. What's your D&D alignment in real life?

    There is:
    Lawful Good
    Neutral Good
    Chaotic Good
    Lawful Neutral
    True Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral
    Lawful Evil
    Neutral Evil
    Chaotic Evil

    If you care to please include some explanation.
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  2. What in the hail is this?

  3. What am I seeing here exactly?
  4. What alignment describes the way you live your life. I'll start to give you an example.

    I'm chaotic good. I have no respect for laws and figures of authority except for the means of self preservation but I always try to do right by everyone I can unless they are evil, in which case I try to do them harm or at least minimize the harm they can inflict. I feel like I am a positive force in the world even though i don't always play by the rules...
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  5. Neutral Good
    I still follow the law but sometimes I bend it a lil. I think I related with CG for long, but I like a little order.
    @Free Hat good answer
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    So Lawful are your rule followers, Chaotic are your rule breakers. Good and Evil are pretty self explanatory and Neutral would be either concerned mostly with self interest with no tendency towards good or evil or concerned mainly in preserving the balance.
  7. Honestly I'm probably more neutral good myself but only out of self preservation because if I went full chaotic good I'd wind up in jail. But it's where I am in my heart...
  8. If anyone's a fan of futurama, this may help:

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  9. OMG! just finished the test(s) My wife got Lawful Good! I got Chaotic Neutral...
    alternatively, I recognize that my wife may potentially be Chaotic Evil.

    that thing rocked! nice thread :)
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  10. can't vote for her, so add one for LG.
  11. Chaotic Neutral I guess....
    I have a problem with Authority, But I don't give a shit what others do...
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  12. True neutral which sounds about right
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  13. I got neutral evil...and here I was thinking I was a neutral good type of gal
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  14. It's all about the choices that you make. You can be whatever you want to be...
  15. Naughty Girl ! lol
  16. How do I take the test?

  17. Trojangrower posted a link to it above
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