what's your 2 cents on ashcatchers?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by r_steef, May 10, 2016.

  1. just about to buy a bong, thinking of buying an ashcatcher... is the efficacy of it really worth it?

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  2. I meant how effective is it to keep your piece clean

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  3. Ehhhhh, it helps, but your piece will still get dirty.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  4. i dont like em
  5. They add diffusion and back pressure. So for some bongs they work great. You have to match the ash catcher to the bong. Not all of them play nicely with all bongs.

    I always use one. Just my preference.
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  6. Never owned one, way to anal about cleaning my pieces so no need.

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  7. I have one but never use it lol. Ive always preferred without
  8. Ash catchers provide an extra "layer" of filtration to your piece making your smoke cleaner and smoother. They also prevent ashes from getting into your bong. Though you should note that they are a little more difficult to clean, may clog up easier, and may break a bit easier then a standard bowl. I prefer using one personally but find that a standard bowl is great aswell : )
  9. personally don't mind 'em as long as you get one that you can pull the bowl off to clear instead of the ashcatcher itself, more money, but definitely a nicer set up all around

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  11. I tried an ash catcher for a very short time. I did not like it. Went with bowls with 20mm screens, dump the ash in my Tap Dat Ash silicone ash tray. Much less hassle than the ash catcher.

    Both, available for purchase from .....where else..GC baby!
  12. imo the more complex the bongs perc the simpler the ashcatcher perc gotta be for back pressure factor
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  13. Ash catchers are sort of like those appliances you buy but don't really need. They are cool and you use them a few times, eventually they end up on a shelf collecting dust. The novelty wears off quick and they get dirty and so does your piece anyway so it doesn't really prevent anything, just prolongs it. If you have spare money then eh why not? It's not really something I use anymore but I had one or two back when I had bongs.
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  14. My friend got one for a 150$straight shooter, it keeps it clean but now the bongs prone to tipping. Also have to pull harder. Probably not worth it

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  15. For me I have a perfect setup with an AC. A little 4 finger 12 slit unit, paired to a carbon filter then a 6 finger 12 slit downstem. Pulls easy. But I do admit there is a novelty with both my AC and filter going in and out of use.

    Primarily use it as its name implies to catch the ash before the filter or bong.

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