whats you lighter like?

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. the lighter you used to most, what color/ design is it?

    also, anyone else hear of the rumor that yellow lighters are bad luck? all my buddies, and i, realized that yellow lighters fuck ou over. if you smoke wiht a yellow, your going down.

    as for me, im using one of those really small ones that you can fist in the hard cases, its white.
  2. yellow? i thought the consensus was white lighters are bad luck? either wya i stick with green, blue, and black.
  3. I usually rock the greeb bic. And yeah, it's definitely white lighters that are bad luck. I'm not too superstitious, but i had a white lighter the first time i got busted for possession, and had a year or two of probation. Ever since then, i won't even touch a white lighter.
  4. I use bic's, any color, but I like the blues. And I usually hear it's white lighters that are unlucky, though I have never noticed anything particularly out of the ordinary happen when I use them.
  5. nooo!
    not white lights that the one im using right now!
  6. i always get an orange bic. i dont even think i try to get orange, it just always happens. my fav lighter is my firebird jet lighter. runs out of fuel too fast tho
  7. red green or black bic.

    The crack lighters just arent worth it
  8. eh, i have three on the go right now.
    purple, black, and white.

    the white one was a flick my bic with a really cool design on it, but i ended up tearing the plastic off.
  9. I have two exact black ones, and I keep grabbing the empty one.
  10. ^^ I stopped getting those because the plastic would always melt a little where I packed the bowl and end up ripping.

    Edit: That was in response to jaded_concepts...
  11. I have a bic with a skull design on it.

    yea I know, I'm hardcore. haha
  12. Consensus? Only among fools.

    Right now I just have a green lighter, but recently lost one green, one red, and one yellow one.
  13. I use my grandpa's old, quality zippo to light joints and cigs, but for bowls i just use a green or black bic.

    You can never go wrong with a bic, those damn french just know how to make good value lighters hehe.
  14. white lighters are definately bad luck, not yellow. As for me, I only got pink bic lighters. That way no one can say "oh I had a pink one too" and try to pocket yours because... lets face it, no one has a pink lighter lol
  15. Damn OP would be supersticiously fucked in the ass if he lived here.

    Here the belief is yellow lighters are good luck, and white lighters will try and get you killed.
  16. orange bic is where its at. i can spot that shit out in the dark in a second. and its white lighters that are supposed to be bad luck.
  17. [​IMG]

    The Hi-Polish Chrome.
  18. well im gonna have to loose my white one go for my spiral one wiht a bunch of colors
  19. long and hard.


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