Whats you go-to peice?

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  1. my whole life [of smoking] i've prefered bongs or joints. I had a 3 foot long dresser COVERED with glass bongs of every height and color you can imagine but for the past year ive been useing absolutely NOTHING but a 1 gallon homeade gravity bong at my boyfriends or my 2 1/2 gallon GB at my house...MAYBE an occasional bubbler but for the most part thats all i use, the weird part is, its a completely ghettorigged homeade one! its basically a spaghetti pot, with those big blue 3 gallon water jugs or the 1 gallon arrowhead bottles, and a glass on glass oversize bowl put into the cap of the bottle. I used to smoke for the luxury of the clean delicious tastes and smells you get from bongs but now all i care about is getting super high of these G.BS we literally cant get high off of any other tool unless its multiple bowls...I dont even have anymore that 20 peices or so left! and only 3 of those are bongs. Its so crazy, the hits are harsh, thick yellow clouds BUT WE CANT STOP USING IT!
    what are some of your favorive things to smoke out of? whether ordinary or not..
  2. my new soverignty stemline :)))))
  3. Ahh yes, another gravity bong enthusiast haha! I love gravs, they're the fucking BOMB. If I wanna get high, I'll load it up. If I wanna get HIGHER, i'll be a crazy dumb motherfucker and hotbox my car with my 2 liter one haha
  4. 21" Illy with a woodgrain label is my daily driver.
  5. haha i cant even do that ours are set on top of little mechanic seats yannoe the ones that have the the adjustable cushioned seat that spins and the base has little dividers to hold your tools and we just roll it around the room where were smoking:p its so convenient, someones on the other side of the room and you just roll it accross:]
  6. I have a bong, bubbler, steam roller, 2 chillums and a super thick heady carnival spoon. Idk why, but that damn spoon is my fav piece. Sure the bong and bubb are nicer to smoke out of and get me higher, but I have like an emotional connection to that damn spoon. I think its cause I bought it for myself for my bday one year.
  7. My GonG HBG Prototype bubbler.

    It's a bong in your hand!

  8. depends on the day.. that's why i own like 15 pieces and my collection keeps growing.. never know when i'll wanna switch it up
  9. Agree with that^^
    Usually my showerhead kind creations or a 4 arm diffused bong, but I got thirteen pipes for a multitude of dry hits. Oh and blunts are great when you got the weed
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xJF79eP2Xg]fire and water & dwb - YouTube[/ame]

    this is my daily driver now.
  11. dude i am going make a fucken gravity bong right now great idea lol
  12. I almost always use a waterfall or gravity bong, they conserve so damn much....I like usin a waterfall bong more tho, smoke never escapes. Also with grav bongs if you push down on the bottle by accident while the bowls already on it, all the weed flies out, hate when that happens
  13. [quote name='"jewsmoke"']my new soverignty stemline :)))))[/quote]

    My 2011bc netline gets here tommorrow soooo excited! That shall be my go to piece, gridding is the future!!!!!:)

    Check my glass thread/youtube in my sig for it
  14. beware the gb curse!!!!
    Once you go gravity you never go back.
  15. AAGHH i know that drives me crazy. It doesnt really happen anymore though now that i think about it...IVE GRADUATED TO GRAVITY BONG PRO.

  16. what IS a showerhead bong..is that the one with all the weird holes in it?
    IDK i stopped buying bongs for like a year and a half and now they got all these crazy perculators...it feels like im a weed virgin allover again.
  17. here is mine. click for vid

  18. i prefer my terra cotta clay pipe (non toxic and homemade) out the other glass pipes i have :smoking:
  19. Purple Days + 12" RX Industries perc tube = :D

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