what's yo fav. munchy food?

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what's yo fav. munchy food?

  1. cookies

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  2. chinese

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  3. chips

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  4. cereal

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  5. ice cream

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  6. ramen noodles

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  7. candy

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  8. cold pizza

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  1. My favorite munchy food is most definately the doritos.
    You can eat those anytime anywhere.
  2. mint chocolate chip ice cream, by far.
    ooo, and chili dogs! And strawberry milk! And skittles! And sour cream and onion pringles with french onion dip! And-

    I better stop now, or I'll be typing for an hour.
  3. honey roasted peanuts. but i chose the noodles
  4. Sausage roll/white malteasers

    Once on the way back from a reggae nite in town we went to this petrol station, but after 11 you have to go to this lil kiosk thing and ask the guy to go get what ya want, and once when i wanted a sausage roll for some reason i just said 'a cold sausge from the back please'

    funny thing was, over the road is the new gay bar....lol
  5. hmmm. ice cream of course mint chocolate chip,cookies and cream its all good,chocolate chip cookies,chocolate milk,Pepsi steak grilled stuffed burrito from T Bell w/ sour cream and fire sauce, Pizza Hut Garlic Bread,Dominos cinna stix,
    O-Ke-Doke popcorn The List Gos On And On...
  6. KFC....


    and all foods

    but mainly KFC

  7. best mint chocloate chip ice cream is:

    Edy's Mint Chocolate Mini M&Ms... sooooooooooooooooo good.

  8. Ice cream sure is the best-my favorites are Ben&Jerrys like the peanut butter cup kind or stawberry cheesecake.
  9. Cold pizza for me ;)

    Damn you cant beat a curry high or not.

    But you can eat more high and that better :p
  11. ARGG My favorite munchie snack is none other than human flesshhh!!


    cold pizza...ughhhh

    frosted mini wheats (in milk, not dry), with some frutie-o's. I can eat an endless amount of frutieos when the munchies hit.
  12. vodka red bull
    and sushi

    right after a bongrip

    and a crazy longboard ride to the restaurant
  13. I'm eatin pizza right now stoned as fuck
  14. I'd have to say cereal and chips, mmm, cho cho puffs and doritos.
  15. Why is the option for COLD pizza? and why is it winning by so much??

  16. Cold pizza's lame. Hot pizza is where its at though. And biscuits and gravy. Especially from KFC. Yeah.
  17. gotta have stuff that's crunchy! coco puffs are just a gift from heaven...lucky charms too! yea for exclimation points!!!!
  18. Imatation crab meat.

  19. Ahahahah....;)
  20. Ice cream by far, I love Ice Cream when I'm stoned. I mean, I can't get enough of it!

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