whats xxxg/m2 indoor mean??

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  1. Like how many plants is that? Hydroponically or organic? Friends thinking about ordering seeds and when he asked me if I knew anything about it I was clueless. So I though who better to ask than gc?! Any info on this would be great!! Thanks
  2. Average yield per square meter if grown correctly .. I have 8 plants in a 4 ft x 4 ft x 7ft tent and their comfortable
  3. Grams per square meter**
  4. So if you don't mind me asking like what's your set up? Strains? Lighting/vent, temps, hydro or organic? I mean 8 plants in a 4x4 is sick, I'm just wondering what "if its done correctly" means lol
  5. Oh and off 8 how much yield are you seeing? Like what's you gs/m2 for your set up with 8 plants? I mean I've found seeds that say 800+ gs/m2 and that's insane
  6. Right now I'm growing spliffs white widow. Lights Im using a 400w mh/hps with a 6" air cooled hood with a cheap 240cpm 6"duct fan. Temps are around 65 at night and 75 f with lights on. I'm using regular miracle grow moisture control soil with general organics go box. And done correctly mean you put in the time effort and research to care for them like your doing and youll do great! I'm hoping to yield anywhere from 250-500 grams depending on how the rest of my grow goes I still have about a month of flowering left! Hope I could help a little bit!

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