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  1. Ok so i started my first grow 10 aurora indica... they all germed but now only 7 live, and 5 simi healthy i have no idea whats wrong.

    The pic i am about 2 show you is one of the seedlings with the problem, the other seedlings appear healthy (green) but i fear will fall victom too this as some are already yellowing... Also they are growing SLOW from what i can tell by others pictures.

    -specific medium Peat moss
    -Soil type/brand Jiffy seedling starter
    -Anything you have added to the soil 2 Parts soil 1 part perlite

    -Soil pH I cant cheak it but run off is below 6.8 somwhere
    -Water source Declorfied tapwater
    -Water pH 7 -7.5
    -Age of plant 5 days from sprout
    -Type of fertilizer none
    -Lighting source and distance from plant 400W MH about 15 inches with fan inbetween
    -Temperature 78-84F
    -% Relative humidity uNKNOWN
    -Lighting schedule 24/7
    -Type of ventilation your room has Good, its a closet with the door open always.

    If id have to say id say its PH but the best papers in my area are for pool and only detect 6.8-9 ph, no lower, and i can only cheak the Ph of the water and runoff.

    Unfortanitly i didnt flush the jiffy seedling start when i got it because i didnt know it should have been.

    3 seedlings died to to another caus, may have been related... they just never developed a good rootsystem and shrunk and shrivled. If anyone has any info on this i would like some too... IT def wassent underwatering. i looked at the root system of them it was white and looked healthy just didnt go anywhere past 1 inch... they also came outa the groun facing sidways... Not tipped over but GROWING with a stiff bent stem sideways, as if the light was too their side!

    Of the 7 that remain theres 6 that looks healthy besides stunded growth i think (no stretching look healthy their just not very far along i think) And 1 that i am about to show you in the picture.

    I see others begging to show some faint discoloration in their leaves and all the others are either about the same size as the one in this picture or a little biggger, but greener. SOMETHING is def wrong. I just wanna pul this threw without em all dieing! i want atleast 1 female out of the 10 i started!

    The other seedlings are berly bigger at about day 6 -7 from sprout now!

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  2. I suggest you get a ph pen/meter online, or go to the local pet store and get a chemical PH test kit

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