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  1. O.k this plant is 7 months old. Planted just before winter
    winter. Here it does not get too cold like maby the lowest temp would be 12c. It is sativa like full sativa maby 90/10
    and it started to bud during winter and up untill now. The buds are small and full of leaf. Now the leaf is growing and the bud is just starting on the nodes and thats it no more.
    I thinkmaby it has gone back to veg because of the season.
    What do you say???????????
    also the bud are starting to die.
  2. what is your latitude? sounds like you are in a warm place, budding depends on the amount of light per day. 12/12 is the budding cycle, the veg cycle needs more light. having less light as you would in the winter would create other problems. an idea that was expressed around here sopmewhere was to buy an out door hps garage light and keep it on for a few hours before sun rise and a couple hours after sunset to trick the plant into thinking it is still day time. this only works if the plant is neer your house though.
  3. sure I konw about the light and that but do you think it has gone back to veg and if it has will it flower again in summer[it is spring at the moment.
    like the bud has stopped and there is like 1 bud comming out of each node but no more. What will happen.
    it has a crown and branches with long streched buds the bud are real small and spread out on the crown and other bud it has slowed right down and there is more leaf growing out of the top of the crown than bud
  4. Depends on your sunlight cycle...how many hours of sun do you get in the summer...( sunrise to set ) if it is more than 12 than you wont get a strong flowering effect as the plant has a chemical in it that reacts to darkness which initiates flowering.If you are in your winter and it is has started to revert to veg growth again than the likelyhood is that it will never flower properly.
    If you can...when you are happy with the sixe...say 5ft...put it indoors somewhere and use a hps 400 or 600 to flower it...its probably your best option

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