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  1. So i recently moved where it is legal to buy and cultivate marijuana recreationally. I got a few grams and found a seed I decided I'm going to grow this seed. So here it is 3 weeks later.....bad genetics? Or am I doing something wrong also what is the yellowing? I'm using a 150watt HPS a 2x4x5 grow tent with a 6inch exhaust fan I water with plain pH'ed water I had some issues with soil. Grew mold I got the mold out asap and transplanted I noticed a root sticking out of a drainage hole as well after transplanting this ones growth was stunned for about a week I threw a little 50 watt lamp over this plant and it started to blow up. But now there is yellowing. Before lamp [​IMG] after lamp [​IMG]

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  2. Also this is my other bagseed plant in which I've done everything the same except the mold issue but I transplanted the same time same amount of water everything [​IMG]

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