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  1. Hey guys this is my lil girl/guy started 12 12 from seed. Shes about a month old and the new growth thats now all spindly and weird was looking luscious and perfect yeaterday. Today after tying her down a tad and brushing the new growth with my fingers a few times yesterday this is what she looks like now. Will it just bush out/ or is this problematic. Shes under 150 w cfl 2700k currently

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  2. Also can anyone tell yet? But i think those are pre flowers, male? Female? This is my first real attempt at a grow minus a few plants that died under like 1 or 2 cfl a few times throughout my teen years haha
  3. Your plant has to be at least 2 months old...at least, before it'll show sex. You have some pretty bad nute burn on the tips of your leaves. You're not giving the plant nutes yet are you? They only need nutes once they've had a chance to use up the ones that come naturally in the soil. Unless you're dealing with auto strains, you need to start your seeds out in small containers...like Solo cups, because confining the root space will get you faster foliage growth. If you had started this plant in a cup and repotted it up a size once it had gotten wide and taller than the cup, it would be a bit further along by now in size. The less space they have to root into, which is the first thing they do once put into soil, the quicker they get back to putting energy into growing the foliage. Until the root system is developed, the plant pretty much just sits there (the part you see above ground) and waits. The new grower thinks there is something wrong with the plant and starts to give it nutes it doesn't need, water it too much, etc. You don't mention what type soil you're using, but if it's a box store brand, it came loaded with slow release fertilizers which will often burn the plant on it's own a bit until the plant has had a chance to get some size on it and strengthen up. So basically, your plant needs only properly pH'd water (a range of 6.3 to 6.7) until it has been in that container for a while...several weeks at least. When you do start giving nutes, dilute the recommended dose down even more than what is recommended by the manufacturer. They want you to pour it to them so you'll have to buy more of their expensive concoctions, but I don't believe you have to use that much to keep a plant vibrant and growing nicely if you're using good soil to start out with. Watch your watering habits too. Only water the plant once it has dried out nearly completely since they don't like sitting around in moist conditions all the time.

    You can read up on the basics of growing inside in the new grower threads on the forum. There are lots of posts there specifically for the inexperienced grower that turn you on to the basics which everybody should know before they start...but few do. LOL Good luck! TWW
  4. Im using FFOF and havent added any nutes yet, and this is 12 1w from seed. Just yesterday the growth was bright green and pointy, now today it had drooped and curled. Ive only been using water since transplanting to the ffof because as you said i know it already has nutes in it. Is there anyway this could be heat stress?
  5. Also why 2 months old? If i veg for 2 weeks and then switch to flower would it really take 6 weeks for pre flowers to come? Your advice is very much appreciated, help me keep this thing alive!
  6. LOL....You're not in that bad a shape. Always remember that these things are just weeds. They've survived for thousands of years without the aid of man and will try their hardest to live under the worst of circumstances. So don't let it freak you out too much. They just have to get at least 8 weeks old in veg before they naturally show what they are. You can flip them into flower and do it that way, but you're only shorting yourself as far as harvest goes. A plant that is a month old typically isn't very large. Yours isn't. Why would you want to go ahead and initiate the flowering process when you could hold on to it and grow it bigger and stronger before you flip. It will naturally tell you what it is in 4 more weeks and you will have a plant that then can go into flower and yield you much more than doing it earlier. Once you throw them into flower mode, it's not easy to put them back into veg. You pretty much have to go ahead and flower them on off and get whatever you get out of it. I'm sorry to mislead you. I didn't understand what you were asking before about flowering them to show sex. Your plant doesn't look bad at all. I think you're just obsessing over it without cause. When you water them, sometimes they'll wilt down. But as far as the heat stress thing, what are the temps in your veg area? The highest I feel safe letting my plants go is into the mid 80's. If you go much higher than that, heat stress is definitely a possibility. But judging by these pics, your plant is fine. TWW
  7. Thanks yeah i mean i figured its fine as my years of reading has shown me some pretty fucked grows that ended with great results, and my knowledge of life vs death is that most forms of life will do anything they can too live and fight the good fight. I wasnt super over concerned with it, thats why i didnt even post about the single and 3 blade leaves i figured hell theyre dried up might as well just leave it lol.

    I guess ill just continue to use water for now and switch to a 1/4 dose of my GH flora series when she shows defic. Signs...

    Going to be doing a hempy, another soil/perlite, and a suuuper micro 4 oz grow added into the box as soon as these seeds germ!! Cheers m8!
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  8. The more you grow, the better you get at it. Do be reading up on doing the hempy stuff. It's done a whole other way from the soil grows and is pretty technical as far as pH, nutes, etc. Just prep as much as possible before you get started with it. But growing one off in soil will definitely help you out just getting some base knowledge of the plant. Don't forget about the hydro threads here too...if you need to go there for some clarification. Good luck! TWW
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  9. Uh oh! Whats happening? My whole plant is dried and yellow, can i flush this thing and back it off the lights to try and save her?

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  10. I have a suspicion my 20 day autos are being over watered? I could do with your opinion though.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. There is a lot going on there I would start with the light burn and move down the list but doesn't look like over watering at all

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  12. Hi dont think over watered. Look at bottom pic and siol/medium is coming away from your pot love. Dont do autos but doubt its over watered . Goid luck love . Lits on ere will help wi autos lv. Sorry im not much help but not done autos and dont want to just guess for u incase i tell u wrong.. good luck though babe x . Xxx
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  13. [​IMG]on day 31 now, but I was overwatering initially, so I stopped and increased my airflow. Thanks for your advice though,love.

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  14. Nice one. Lookin brill love xxx
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  15. Cheers mate

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