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  1. Hey everyone can anyone tell me what's wrong with this seedling?
    I've been watering every 3 days with ph 5.9 water with a ppm of 170 ( that's our tap water with ph down)
    Temps between 25c 30c
    Using a 300w led approx 1m above

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  2. Watering every3 days in that size pot is completely over kill for a seedlings roots. Thats whats wrong if u ask me. The roots are drowning in muck.

    Let them search for water and BREATH, BREATH IT THE AIR

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  3. Ok thanks heaps I was worried it was overwatered, so just completely let the soil dry out, should I pump air into it at all?
  4. looks like its too hot for the seedling but could be a number of things... how far is the light to the top of the plant? you want the soil to dry out but not to a point where the plants roots cant absorb moisture.. i usually wait until the top couple inches are dry / before the plants are going to start to wilt
  5. Hey 4ganja the led is around 1m above the plant but heat I have struggled with the last few days. The next few days are going to be a lot cooler so hopefully I'll see some improvements, I feel as though I really sick at this :( haha

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