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  1. Hey guys, this is just one of my pineapple kush plants, What is wrong with her, I can give my nute and information, I'm on my phone so I want to make it short, So if anyone can spot a obvious deficiency. I've given her more nitrogen as I thought that was the cause. Thanks guys :)

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  2. Howdy! Hard to say without some more detail, but first looks appear to be a magnesium deficiency. There are a ton of possible causes, but usually it's a lack of flushing at this point (lockout).

    Any feeding & nute info would be a tremendous help to diagnose. Good luck!
  3. how far along in flower are you? if you're getting close to the end of it's cycle, it could simply be yellowing off. when approaching harvest time, they die and look like that, and even get worse....

  4. Sorry about that! I use the phone app most of the time and really did not want to text it all. :)
    Anyway, I am 4 weeks into flowering, I use Foxfarm ocean forest for the whole cycle, I am new to growing and this is my 3rd attempt. I use Fox farms 3 basic nutes the Big Bud Grow big and tiger bloom, I am on stage 9 of the schedule which is 3-0-2 in that order I said above, I have not flushed at all yet. My PH is all out of wack and I need to buy some PH Down from my garden supply, It's under a 1000w hps. the schedule its on is every week I add the nutes to the specifications of what the chart tells me.

    Watering these bastards has been one hell of a trip, And I think the PH might have something to do with "lockout" ? Thanks for all your help looking forward to your reply, Anyone! :)
  5. Hmmm.... yeah I'd say a flush might help it sounds like, I've used FF trio before and they are quite potent and can definitely build up some salts and start locking out stuff (like magnesium).

    You'll need to check the runoff with a ph meter to verify, you want it close to 6.5. If it's super low then that's a good sign that there's build up and you need to flush out the salts left over from the nutes.

    Hope this helps! The damage won't go away of course but things can get worse if it's not treated soon.
  6. So flush it with water with a good PH ?
  7. There's a lot of opinions on that, but you know for soil I just flush with good ol' tap water, nothing fancy. The water itself will dissolve the salts, you just want to pass enough water through to flush them out as much as possible. The rule of thumb is 3 gal of water to every gal of medium, so a 3 gal container should take about 9 gal of water to flush. It's a pain with soil if it doesn't drain well.

    After that, when you feed check your run off. Adjust your nutrient mix so that it comes out close to 6.5. Proper ph will help tremendously, and hopefully prevent mag defs - which are 9 times out of 10 the first sign in soil of a (low) ph problem :)

  8. all you have to do is look at ed's plant pictures, and you can see he's a very talented gardener. but, i have to disagree with him on a couple of points. what he suggests is what is called "chasing" ph, which is never a good thing. it works, but is a huge pain, and is very time consuming. not to mention the fact that totally saturating your medium makes it nearly impossible for your roots to get needed air. adjusting feed strength to compensate for what seems to be a ph problem, (chasing ph) is the wrong way to approach this problem. do you really want to be pouring 15 gallons of water through your 5 gallon container? the 3 to 1 flush ratio is correct, but i only use those numbers at final flush. if your plants aren't displaying any problems, but your run-off ph isn't what you want it to be, don't panic. there's nothing wrong that needs to be fixed! when you feed and check run-off ph, you're actually checking what's being washed out, not what stays behind. "every" time you feed/water, allow for a bit of run-off. this will wash out built-up nutes/salts, and take the place of weekly flushes. i grow in coco, and allow for 10-15% run-off every time. the ph goes in correct, but comes out incorrect. but the plants display no defs. it just makes sense (to me) to not respond to a problem that doesn't exist.... again, no disrespect meant to ed, he's an excellent grower!
  9. Hi GrowBot :wave:

    You know that I was talking about checking the run off ph of soil, right? With coco or any soiless medium I agree ph chasing is wrong ;)

  10. hi ed, yes sir, i know what you were talking about. i believe that it works well with soil too. my nephew does it with no problems. if you think about it, there's no reason that it shouldn't work in soil too......

  11. OK, well I'm confused as to what you are disagreeing with me about :confused:

    In any case, I think our time is better spent helping the OP with the question of what's wrong. My guess is a mag deficiency caused by salt build up, and my suggestion is to verify this by checking the runoff ph (as we know, salt build up drops ph as water passes through the soil, and the low ph locks out magnesium). If the run off ph is low then I'd think a flush would help.

    4 weeks into flower using FF soil & nutes at directed strength (if I'm reading that right) and no flush yet sure sounds like a case of build up to me, and looks like it from the pictures. I'm not sure of another way to treat that besides a flush?

    Just my guess, I could be wrong - I have been before LOL

    Any other ideas out there?
  12. Great thanks you guys for the help :) More is welcome ;). I don't have a ph meter but i know my tap is 7. I just flushed all of them and i am hoping for some result, thanks for the help anymore ideas or tips would be greatly appriciated :)

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