Whats wrong with this poor little seedling?

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    I got some 3 Nigerian Bikeride x Love Triangle seeds free with my other seeds and decided to germinate it for practice. Now it looks like I'll get to practice with a struggling plant.
    I have fifteen seedlings, four different strains, and this strain is the only one that seems to be struggling. I have three of these but two are showing more symptoms than the other one.
    These are 17 days old. Germinated by direct sewing in rockwool cubes (soaked in ph5.5) and watered with pH 5.8 RO water for about 14 days every other or third day. Currently under six t12 flourescents, in a tent at 75-80* Fahrenheit and about 40-60% relative humidity, usually closer to 40. Recently switched to nutrient solution and transplanted to coco, but trouble began before starting nutrients or transplanting. This strain grew tall and fast, then started showing pale yellow splotches on first set of leaves before I began feeding them nutrients. I used GH flora duo, calimagic, and rapid start at 225ppms. Now first set of leaf tips are bright yellow and starting to turn redish with pale splotching. Roots looked healthy when I transplanted today. What do you guys think?


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  2. I cannot tell the size of the pots or whatever you have them in, but maybe they need to be transplanted into something bigger?
    It could just be the strain to be honest or something genetic with that seed. Could be a bad batch of seeds entirely,
    I have 1 plant of 16 that is SUPER behind and it was the last one to sprout. It has barely grown an inch and the others are developing new shoots and growing like, well, a fuckin weed! lol
    I see the tips are yellow, are you giving them nutes? If so you might want to cut back for a while as young plants don't even need nutrients to grow. You can see in my grow journal my plants growth (i am about to update) with straight water + fish aquarium water purifier.
    If you aren't giving them nutes, it could also be a sign they need some food. Get this product called "Super Thrive" they make really small bottles you only need a couple drops per gallon but it really helps with young plants. Anything that is stressed or showing signs of slow grown this will give them a boost and get them on the right track. It's great for transplanting and overall boosting once in a while. It is basically the only things I will give my young plants to start and its very rare you need to use it. Give it a try I almost guarantee some super thrive will fix this thing right up
  3. Thanks for the reply! They started yellowing before I began feeding, and they've only had one feeding with nutes, and they were then transplanted into nutrient-charged coco-coir this morning. The roots were coming out of the rockwool, but I wanted to keep them in something smallish so they could grow a bit longer before selecting the ones I will actually keep.
    I'm feeding them a 225ppm solution of RO water and General Hydro FloraDuo A+B, Cali Magic, and Rapid Start (2.5ml/gal, 1ml, 5ml, and 2.5ml per galon, respectively). All pH'd to 5.8.
    I took the yellowing as a sign that these plants were rapid growers. My thinking is that they used up all of the nutrients available in their seeds and, because they were growing in an inert medium and being fed only water, that it was time to begin feeding. If that's the case, then any new growth should look fine, right?
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    I actually do have some super thrive. 

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