What's Wrong With This Plant?!?!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AlexTripps1904, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Anyone Know whats going on here? why the buds look like just a bunch of foxtails? Its a critical autoflower from nirvana seeds.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Whats your set up? Can we have a pic of the whole plant
  3. im running a 4x4 with a 6 inch hurricane inline exhaust/passive intake and a 315 LEC light and i would give more photos but i am not home atm but the whole plant looks just like this

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  4. How hot was your room? How far away was the light? Nutrients used? Soil or hydro? Looks like it has had quite a few problems for awhile now.
  5. my temps were pretty good at first 70-75 for the first month or so and only recently with the heat wave ive had temps go up to 88 but when that happens i shut off the light untill its cool enough to turn back on and with the light on it raises back up and it usually just chills at 84 and as for nutrients I use the general organics line on foxfarm ocean forest soil its just this one freaking out all my others are normal and all were treated pretty much the same

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  6. Turning that light off and on like that is definitely a huge stress on an auto flower. Or a flowering plant period for that matter. I would figure out your heat problem first and foremost my friend.

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  7. I thought auto flowers dont mind light changes? yeah the heat isnt as bad anymore it was only for about a week or so but the plant was doing that before the heat came

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  8. either way what do i do? do i pull it? or toss it outside see what happens

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  9. I think this is a light issue get a new one if you running a hurricane just run a cool tube setup on a 600w hps/mh
  10. Get a 600 watt 6in xl cool tube setup
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  11. Reflector should be like 27+x25+
  12. OP you are running a fine light I wouldn't blame it one bit... I was getting 10 gram buds with my mars hydro 300 and a few CFL got a bit under a QP between two plants my first grow and my second grow im aiming for at least 7 ounces running two mars 300's which is only 270 actual watts. You have a superior light so I just wouldn't blame it. I'd blame the genetics along with stress from novice mistakes.

    Next grow buy photo fem seeds and do LST or HST and bush them out. Fox farms is pretty hot soil so that plus feeding the plant I can see how it could of been stressed especially with all the other factors. I'd definitely look into buying happy frog instead but if you can't you can't just cut the ocean forest 60/40 with perlite and it won't hurt photos nearly as much they'll recover Better in due time.

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  13. i appreciate the insight def will do thanks!

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  14. I ju
    I honestly wouldn't blow more money on lighting right now if I were you. You just need some good photo strains that are recommended for beginners they practically grow themselves in the right soil. And with fox farms personally with proper transplants I didn't need to feed until mid to late flower.

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