Whats wrong with this plant?

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  1. Himalayan Gold strain ... well here's my question...he veg'ed for a month and a half, and now its been in flower for 9 and a half week but no buds ???? should he trash it and try again??? don't know what's up with this plant...friend wants to start over but I told him to wait a few weeks? he's useing a 400 watt HPS light and is on the 12/12..temps are around 70's to 80's at times but no higher. well heres the pictures..i'm sure they will speak for them selfs........ thanks for any ones help!!!!!


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  2. I've had plants do this same thing and no matter what I did to try and change it. It always stayed the same. I had it a few times which led me to believe that some plants Just do this. I could be total off but in the Past ive had that this happen but it never affected quality or quantity. The leafs were just curled. The rest of her looks super healthy. Usually if its an issue there'll be some spotted or crispy leafs or some yellowing or dark veins on a light leaf. Have you noticed any of that stuff happening ?
  3. I did just take a closer look and noticed some burnt leaf tip. Sorry I'm half asleep still from wrapping my sons gifts two nights ago TILL FIVE AM

    this could be a nute ph or some issue like that. Have you tried looking through the sick plant section?
  4. ya we did and everything is fine and where it should be. other plants ww,ssh budded just fine...ww was just cut down and is hanging...so unsure what the heck is wrong with it. did you trash yours that did this? I'm sure someone knows whats wrong?
  5. looks to me like a combination of suffocated roots and over fertilising
    what soil are you using? they need to get a high amount of oxygen to keep its metabolism up. the metabolism is seriously low on this one
  6. I use all fox farms, soil,ferts. n nothing else.
  7. Jetski is right,I think you need a bigger bucket it really does look overnuted or rootbound.I just transplanted a Maui-waui because of this and when I did, I found it root bound.
  8. so u think he should trash it? its taking up a lot of room. I just told him that im sure its about to fatten up...but maybe not.:( the other plants r doing just fine and budding normally and he already cut the WW down to dry, its just that one? but it looks way healthy just no buds?? its crazy, but please give any advice you may have! thanks
  9. After 9 weeks of flowering and not a single calyx?. It looks like it's revegging. Any light leaks? Either that or it's a dud.
  10. thing is the other plants are doing just fine?
  11. Might be a dud. I mean i don't see a single calyx on there. Even if it was root bound and burned to hell with nutes, it would still produce calyxes that would form actual buds. This one just has pistils and new growth. I personally wouldn't waste anymore time on it.

  12. you think thats healthy? its far from that dude, its seriously over fertilised. flush the soil like crazy and dont fertilise it again, just let it run its course on its reserves. dont trash it, never trash a plant that you have room for and already have put in so much time. if its alive lets fix it. plow shit loads of water through the soil and then let it dry out fully before watering again. get a good wet/dry cycle going. it will improve but given how much time has lapsed, its never going to win any awards

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