whats wrong with this plant? yellowing

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    i want to say its nitrogen deficiency, but its been getting nutes with nitrogen in it for all summer. its my friend's plant so i dont know every little detail about it. i do know the PH is 7, and they have been putting banana peels on the soil to try to get the yellowing to stop. they have been giving it fish emulsion and some other stuff. the temperature outside has been low 90's to 100's.
    is it phosphorous or potassium or nitrogen or what?

    any insight as to what exactly it is would be great. thanks guys.

    edit: i just noticed in the pics that the leaves are curling like claws. gotta read through the stickies all over again...
    also, its starting to flower, and its a soil PH tester, which from reading i have found out is bad.
  2. what it looks like to me is heat stress or salt build up. All the leaves are curling not just the yellow ones which means the plant is being stressed and you siad the temp has benn between 90 and 100. Marijuana completety stops growing when the temp reaches between 85 and 90. It could be salt build up from fertilizer if its in a pot. flush the pot with three times the amount of water once a month to cure that problem. If its in the ground dont worry about it.
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    looks like over fert or ph trouble..the upper leaves are curling which makes me believe it could be both, or a lockout of nutrients due to a bad ph

    it is probably over fed and needs to be flushed with water adjusted to the correct pH.
  4. its been that temperature all summer, and spring too, and its been growing fine up until just the last few weeks.
  5. that thing looks way out of its element. its heat / humidity problems. give that thing some miracle grow. water it at night.
  6. give em some more to drink...maybe mist since its no budding yet and cut the tips off some of those burnt leaves.
  7. you have some deficiencies what nutrients have you been giving if any? also do as one poster above said and flush it out, very well could be a ph problem, pull the hose out and flood that thing. and dont give it miracle grow like stated above, get something else.
  8. im casting my vote towards over fertilization, do what butch said and flush the piss outta it
  9. alright i'll tell her to flush the hell outta it. then see what happens after that. i'm betting it is the PH.

    and it actually is budding, you just cant tell in the pics. there are little bud sites all over the thing.

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