Whats wrong with this plant leaf curling all weird?

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    Whats wrong with these plants leaves curling all weird? A few of them are doing it. Whats the fix here? All of the others look goodcand healthy. This cherry strain is the one tgats doing this. None of the other strains are. There are 2 tents one 2x4 tent with a mars hydro 1000w and a 4x4 tend with a cmh/hps. Both tents are running 75 to 79 degrees (the fans are set on to every 1.5 hrs) and 45 to 65% ish humidity. Depending on when ventilation is on.

    I did just transplant these yesterday/night. However ive always seen transplants wilt not do this. What could be causing this and how can i fix it? When i did the transplant i I watered with ph neutral 7.0 water. I had a bit of nutrient burn in the last pots so i definitely flushed good . I used mycroiza when transplanting. I do have nutes general hydroponics brand, flora grow, bloom, micro combo, and cal mag . So when can i start addind nutes back? Once the soil is dry past around 2 inches? Thanks for anyones help up front with helping with this newb! Im trying to learn here please be patient with me
    P.s using part coco coir and Happy Frog Potting Soil as a medium. 20190815_232909.jpg 20190815_232921.jpg 20190815_233105.jpg 20190816_001847.jpg

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  2. Hard to say. It’s not curling up or down which throws me off. I’ve seen tomatoes do it like that exactly and it’s called leaf curl disease. Try not using ferts, going easy on water, and reducing light. Leaves curl in response to stress, disease and viruses.
  3. I dont think it's leaf curl disease, if it was it would be allover the plant and not on a random few. Just some messed up genetics i think:)

    Ps, I've never heard of leaf curl disease on Cannabis:confused_2:...
  4. Its weird its doing it just on one strain too and on a few of the plants. Its definitely not all of them . But you can see on one of the plants the leaf is all ate up or burned? Idk? When should i start with a new nutrient regimen? I have 0 idea how old these plants are. Shall i start on week 2 of nutes? I just tested the soil its still wet in most of them . So i still.have a few days give or take until i can water them. The meter also states that the soils are from 6.5 ph to 7. However i dont really trust those soil testers for ph most of the time. I just trust them for their moisture meter capabilities. I started the nute before u transplanted them on the seedlings that the dosage the bottle states.

    However i might have od them on nutes too. I may have put a tbls instead of tsp. Oops lol!. So now im a bit confused on where i should start on he nute dosing chart. I may try to reach out to the dude who sold me the clones but he seems pretty greedy man.. idk if ill go back to this guy or not again if he wont tell me. Ill probably just find someone else next time if he starts being weird.

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  5. Its definitely throwing me off too lol! Im suprr new to this but damn i couldn't find jack on the internet about this. So idk ill just watch them and wait on the soul to dry out more so i can start them on a nutrient regimen. Which i have 0 idea where to start on .

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  6. Lmao look at this leaf on this plant. Its doing this a few times on thus one plant. Where its just growing one leaf! Weird? 20190816_032052.jpg 20190816_032056.jpg

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  7. Have you messed with the light cycle because those single leaflet's to me seem like the plant is re-vegging? Or it's just really bad genetics. Best of luck...
  8. Mine does it as well, I think its totally fine... Maybe give her some more K, thst might solve it, but as long as there are no discolouring of the leaves you should be fine.
    If you OD-d her just flush the soil and go easier next time. Less is more sometimes. We learn this on the hard way, I miss it up too. Look out for PH issues as well and make sure the soil is not super wet nor dry.
    If everything is fine and you give love to her, these symptoms shouldnt worry you.
    Take care friend and happy growing
  9. It's fine. Just a deformity. Like a curved dick.
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  10. Lmao!!!! Well when ya put it that way!

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  11. Idk what the light cycle was before i got the clones but i put them on a 16 hr light cycle.

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  12. Indeed. Just dont bounce on your stomach on the trampoline with a bloody hard on:confused:...
  13. Idk what light cycle he had the clones on before i got them but they are on a 16hr at my house lol. I haven't messed with it.

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  14. Yeah that last picture is definitely a plant re-vegging ( single leaf blades ), nothing to do with genetics on that one.
  15. So just let it ride?

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  16. That's really up to you, you can just let it go. I've never grown out a
    re-vegged plant before, so im not qualified to give you a yay or nay:)
  17. After looking at the strain there are a couple that are doing it. I may top one and let the other one go see what happens. So is the humidity too low in my tents . They stay abput 45 to 50 ish . 60 id about as high as they get.

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