Whats wrong with this picture

Discussion in 'General' started by DeviousByNature, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. if you find it don't ruin it for the rest.
  2. I'm sure a face pops out, but I've seen that before. I waited a minute too, but nothing popped out. I liked MC eschers work on the next page.

  3. Ah, alright then. But once you do see it it's fairly obvious.
  4. ha wow, that was lame
  5. Ahh oops, I posted before you said 'dont ruin it', my bad.

    Hey mental, your sig rocks, reminds me of the part "Just admiring the shape of your skull spiderman".
  6. This makes me want to post a viral link.
  7. :( those things are oooold, you know 1 of them u can predict them anywhere, the only one that was still scary was the titanic one :p
  8. I swear I was about to find the illusion, and then some motherfucker screamed at me and I shit my pants.
  9. Didn't trick me douche bag!

    right clicked image, and it wasn't a picture file..

  10. dammit!
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  12. damn man- I neary shat myself.....

    j/k- those things are pretty lame now-a-days..... Anyone can see them a mile away...
  13. MC Escher > god
  14. IF I was born today (not even yesterday) The "scariest illusions picture" title would have spelled it out anyway. Those stupid things make you look lamer than telling the really, really, bad joke and expecting a laugh and hearing crickets.
  15. i am an idiot, i fell for it lol
  16. What's wrong with the picture?

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