What's wrong with this leaf? pics!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I came home after work yesterday and sat down to have a joint with her and i noticed one of her top leafs looks burnt or something at the end.

    Its the only one on the whole plant.

    Just wondering what it is!

    Heres some pics of the leaf and some progress.

  2. should i cut the tip of the burnt part off?

    Thanks for any comments

  3. if it bothers youto look at, you can trim it off but its not like a disease so it wont spread. the only reason it would spread is if the nutrients are slowed down. how much nutrients are you feeding her? have you heard of a TDS or PPm meter? these are awesome to control the level of nutrients in the water that you feed them with.
  4. so it is nutrient burn ? on one leaf? I have been feeding her some shultz bloom booster 5-30-5 at 1/2 strength every watering.

    I just flushed it out lastnight and started giving her just water.

    i was going to cut down the fertilizing to half the time.

    good idea ????

    Thanks for the comments

  5. i cant get a good look at the leaf from that pic. is the tip brown and crispy or just starting to twist? if you could get a pic of the top surface of the leaf it would be much easier to tell. peace
  6. its the leaf on the picture on the left

    it just went brown and dried within a day. not one other leaf on the whole plant looks like that

    except for a couple at the botom that just turned yellow and died but thats normal.

  7. wats the air temp in the room they r in? if it is to hot, leaves will curl and dry out
  8. Looks like maybe nutrient burn to me, just slow down on the fert and if it continues you have to flush the pot out.

    I think it'll live, but if more leaves start to suffer the same fate, be prepared for a flush to save your babies life.
  9. Its out door on my balcony in a pot. I found out what it was.

    its not nutrient burn. I give her very little of that stuff.

    My old lady turned the air conditioner in the living room on that goes out on to the balcony and it heated up the metal railing and that leaf was sittin on the railing so it burnt the end.

    not one other leaf on my plant is turning brown/yellow except a few at the very bottom but thats normal.

    I have flushed the pot to be safe (I put her in the bathrub and just kept running water through the pot for a while a bit at a time.)

    Just in case I cut back to 1/4 strength on the nutes instead of 1/2 and every other watering instead of every watering.

    Thanks for the comments.


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