What's wrong with these posters?

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Is the Osama Bin Bert poster a Hoax?

  1. No, but it's damn funny

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  2. Yes, but it's funny anyway!

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  1. Bert working with
    bin Laden?
    The mystery of the Bert-bin Laden connection evolves whith more imgaes coming in every day. Is this a big hoax? Has somebody got too much time? Or is somebody in Bangladesh trying to confuse the world? Or is the answer to be found at Reuters?

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  2. HAH! Bert! you fucking terrorist!

    Killing them IS treating them properly (in my opinion).

    Although it would be nice to get Osama here in prison. Then he couldn't consider himself a martyr. I've heard that prison (or being captured) is the worst thing that could happen to an Islamic extremist.

    Then they wouldn't be in paradise with their numerous virgins surrounding them (rolls eyes).

    'Nam, in my opinion, is a bad example to go by. There we were fighting another country's war with not-so-strong support on the homefront. Kind of like Afghanistan in the 80’s. We were only paying attention to the communism vs. capitalism aspect. Now it makes me sick to know that we left the afghan people with no government when we and the Soviets pulled out.

    As an American, I can be absolutely sure that I am behind our actions in Afghanistan. We're responding to a horrific attack on our homefront! Not some battle of ideas. Anybody who says that is a time to stop and negotiate will not last in the gene pool for long because they'll be dead from these kind of attacks. We MUST defend ourselves.

    We need to let "them" know that we will not stand by and let our skyscrapers be leveled for any reason (outside an "act of God").
    LOL 9/11 really did inflict "terror' amongst us Americans
    Shoot first, ask questions later I guess
    Sorry its just funny to read this in 2014
  4. I'm dying of laughter. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Wow necroing a almost 14 year old thread...
    Hope you get  a warning for this
  7. You bumped a 14 year old thread with only two posts? LMAO! :hello:
  8. You should have been banned 10 years ago shhh
    I honestly thought it was interesting to see how he thought at the time. Its crazy to look back on this now that a majority of Americans know 9/11 was some fishy business or still dont know what to believe. Fucking terror man it sucks 
    But go ahead and bitch that I bumped an old thread. All it does is bump it more
  9. What a bump man, I felt like I was timetravling threw the political mind of Americans
  10. Holy fucking necro. This is the biggest necro I've seen to date.
  11. I'm going to wait 16 years to necro this thread
  12. Some of the posters in this forum probably weren't even alive when this thread was first made.
  13. Honestly think any 12 year olds are on this site? I don't doubt it.
  14. Will bump this thread in 13years

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