Whats wrong with these lil lovelys??

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  1. Just put these girls in the hydrocorn since the roots were really starting to poke out the bottom of the rockwool....ph is bang on, had them on a 24/7 drip (which i believe is the problem as they are getting too much water but i dont know hence the post :) they are under a 400mh light which is sitting a few feet above them and the temperature is 27c or which is 80f. they are looking a lil yellow to me...the leaves are strong and not droopy though, but they arent looking that great. i also have some cucumbers and peppers starting out with em and they are looking great so i dunno wtf is happening...help guys please!


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  2. I've never grown any type of hydro...but for people to help you you need to give them all your info. You got light, temp, what is your ph? And ppm?

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    Formulate good questions get good answers

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  3. ph is 6...
    Why does ppm matter if it just straight water?
  4. It'll help if you have a starting PPM for growing hydro. Is it RO water or tap? If it's tap then I'm guessing your PPM would be around 200-400, which you would have to accommodate for when you start adding nutes.

    Have any nutes to start adding to your solution yet? A quarter to half strength to begin with.

    Personally, I've found the optimal PH range to be about 5.8 Everything blows up for me with it.
  5. Looks like early signs of nitrogen deficiencies to me.
  6. ok cool thx....
    So is it cool to leave the drip system on 24/7? I have read conflicting things
  7. You'll be fine. Roots getting proper aeration?
  8. yep I have a nice bubbler in the reservoir and from.what I read the dripping and flooding back into the res helps with this also....just a bit paranoid as I haven't really done this for a good 15 years lol

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