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What's wrong with shwag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cigeth711, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I hear from everyone that shwag is like some sort of shitty weed. I just started toking a week ago so I don't really know much about weed. My idea is that as long as it gets you high, I'm fine with it. So basically, I'm sort of Quantity over Quality when it comes to weed. Can anyone clarify?
  2. In the whole scheme of things, schwag is the lowest quality.

    For someone who has no tolerance,who just started smoking, or is only really used to smoking schwag, its good and it does the job. It's what I started smoking when I was like 15, and it got me high as shit.

    Now, 8 years later, I've smoked a lot of different weed, and generally, availability permitting, I get higher end stuff. So for me, going back to smoking schwag, which I actually had to do about a month ago when shit was dry, it makes me crazyyyy sleepy. I still get a little high, but nothing intense. It only lasts maybe 25-30 min and then I almost NEED to go to sleep. I do almost every time.

    That's probably why many people talk badly about it. When you get used to smoking better weed, the lower quality smoke just doesnt do you any good.
  3. The high is different, it's inefficient, it tastes worse, it can give you headaches, etc.
  4. haha, btw, I like the "get in the van, I have candy"

    Reminds me of a time I, JOKINGLY OF COURSE, asked some little kids getting off the bus if they wanted candy as I drove by in my car.

    I'm lucky someone didn't call the cops on me :(:eek:
  5. Fuck it yo.

    If it gets you high. Smoke it.

    Fuck everyone who thinks they are a king because they have a good hook on some chronic.
    What ever happend to just being high and being at peace. Like everything else its a sign of popularity if you have the better item.


    When you have a medical disorder, the higher quality you get really does count. And also, chronic really does make you way more higher, its a different high, its an ultimate, well, just smoke it and youll see where im going with this.
  6. Its only bad if you think it is.
  7. I've only ran into schwag once..

    so I'll speak with my expierence..

    in the bud there was crushed up seeds everywhere in the bud, so I couldnt even use my grinder to break it up or I'd be smoking maddd seed shells..

    it was also SO FRIGGEN HARSH, I couldnt even hit it out of my bong without thinking I was about to die, and the smoke turned stale reallllyy quick..

    I ended up just buying off my usual when he picked up, and used the schwag to load in my 1 hitter for just random times...

    I am glad I ran out of it in 2 days. it did get me really high though, just wasnt pleasent getting high.
  8. i thought the same thing when i first toked up...i couldnt tell annny difference.

    give yourself 4 months u will want some dank fo sho
  9. and to add on to my post..

    I like GETTING high just as much as I like being high... but I know people completely different

    so I do care about the quality of bud.
  10. I was guna make a post.....but im drunk and muzikman basically stole the words outta my mouth.
  11. Quantity over quality is fine when you first start..a lot of people start like that. People usually end up wanting better stuff because it's a better experience. You just have to figure out if you can justify the price. With a low tolerance anything will get you mad high unless it's some really bad stuff(stuff that should go for like 10-15 an eighth). I get good mids pretty frequently and it's the best for the buck around here, it's pretty damn good.

  12. Haha, yea, messing with little kids is fun from time to time.

    Anyway, it probably was a good thing the cops weren't called on you, hah.
  13. I consider there to be a difference between schwag and commercial bud. Schwag is ditch weed pretty much, low quality, sticks and stems in high abundance. I call that kind of weed 'Stress'. however, I smoke more commercial bud, $60-$65 an o, which is pretty near mids for where I live. Commercial around here is pretty decent on bud/leaf/stick and stem ratio. Good taste but not great, Awesome high but not mindblowing, good dank aroma but not overpoweringly so. I perfer mids like this simply for cost effective reasons. I can buy 2 and a half o's of commercial for the cost of a q of kind bud (which costs 140 a q) and it will last me weeks or longer depending on quality. In my opinion mids are the way to go if you are the type who like to smoke everyday. I find kb to be more of a treat or reward pretty much. Though I can afford it, it's not worth the money around here where there's no mmj.
  14. lol well i started on kush haha yeah i was really fucked up also at age 15,anyway schwag tastest like shit and the high is horrible
  15. What are you trying to say sean?????

    Alright heres your answer.. Generally shwag, which is usually grown outdoors in a mexican type grow.. where there is not much knowledge of plant growth so they are not grown, sexed harvested, correctly at all.. The bud has tons of seeds. So the plant uses more energy on making seeds rather than bud.. The flowers are usually poorly processed by compacted means of making it smaller... so the trichomes and thc are degraded. The high is short lived with more of a down effect soon after. Its funny because most shwag is from a sativa, so it should be a little more heady which is true but only for so long... I smoked shwag for years in the beging and moved to better and relized... The truth.. I will never smoke shwag again...I'm the too proud guy, that at 17 years old or so when I was still around a shwag crowed.. I would let the bowl pass me and I would smoke my own stuff.. Kinda rude but everyone progresses.

    I know that shwag is cheaper by weight.. but take all the seeds and stems, weigh the left over bud and it will be at maybe half the weight if your lucky... now the bud is of about 25% of the quality of sensimilla cured correctly.. and the high last like 2-4 hrs generally.. Now you don't have to take as many hits.. and it taste 100% better.. Yes there is less chance of it being laced(never met someone that smoke laced shit on accident).. The strains can express themselves more so.. ETC

    GOOD LUCK man if you can find the dank buy it.. It will last longer
  16. You know, I think that the people who are putting down schwag are underestimating it's potential. I myself, can get sticky/fresh mids for $60 an oz. so I don't fuck with schwag too much, but I won't turn it down. My friend just bought one of those hotbox vaporizers, now he can just buy a nick of schwag, clean it out, shred, load the bowl, and get $20 gram hits, lol, for $5! You don't even need a vaporizer, most people who are avid schwag users like to cook with it as well. I personally just load a bowl, or roll a joint/blunt with it. It's not bad at all to me, as long as you inhale, you will get high. And as far as preferance, I would much rather some good quality indo, but for $20 gram, it's a waiste of money. I will tell you though, long term use of schwag can lead to health problems. I had about 2 zones of schwag(got em' for free) 2 weeks ago, and I smoked so much of it, that I was spitting up flem after each hit. Oh, and also, think about it, what gets you higher a 20 sack of schwag(I get anywhere from 4grams + dependant on dealer)), or a gram of hydro? I get higher off of the 20 sack, a gram is rolled all into 1 blunt, 1 high. I can get high on a 20 sack, like 2 times. Right now, I suggest you stick to schwag/reggie/popcorn, and later you'll have the rediculous dilemma of, wether you wanna spend $20 on 1 gram.
    Peace, hope I helped!
  17. im guessing if you like schwag, you haven't had some quality herb before.
    (PICTURED BELOW) some of the best stuff i got, was a while ago now.
  18. Thats the reason schwagg still works for you. When I started smoking, I thought the same thing: why pay $20 a gram, when I can pay $10 a gram?

    When your tolerance is low (as yours is at present) schwagg will get you blaaaazed. Wait till your tolerance starts building though, and you'll see thatschwagg seems to become less powerfull. Thats when you'll want some dank.
  19. I fucking hate it when people say shit like that, 'OH IF YOU SMOKE SCHWAG I GUESS YOU HAVEN'T HAD DANK BEFORE'. If you've ever been to Houston, you'd know that there is a good amount of dank and A LOT of schwag, and i've had many quality strains this summer that were on par with that picture you posted, if not better(I can't judge it 100% without smoking it). The problem is, dank in Houston is very expensive, even if you know the right people(ask screwstoned or anyone else from h-town on these boards) ie 20 a g, 60 an eigth, 115-120 a quarter etc. Now on the other hand, I can get some GOOD schwag(ironic statement to some, but you'd be surprised) that has barely any seeds, it's green, not brown at all, and actually gets you high even with a tolerance and it's only 35 an ounce, 115 a QP, etc. Generally though, if i'm low on money, instead of buying a g of dank, i'll just get a 20 sack of schwag(always weighs out to at least 14g's). Sometimes you just gotta pick quantity over quality when you're low on money, no matter how good the dank is.
  20. amen.
    nothing wrong with preferring a personal blunt over a personal bowl

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