Whats Wrong with Redistribution of Wealth?

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    Yeah, and I'll bet you bust your ass for that money.....damn shame we have to take it from you...Best thing you can do is open a car lot and a strip mall that has a weed store, an electronics store and a liquor store. They'll take your money.............But you'll have made it back within the next 48 hours with a heavy interest........Crazy how life goes ain't it? lol. And deep down that is what these people really want to redistribute the wealth for. Consumer Products they can't otherwise afford. lol

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    Okay, I see what you're saying, but I don't understand how you can poke holes in my argument just because I don't believe in high taxes but I believe that some-freakin body has to pay for infrastructure (yes, not high taxes can do that, even any kind of tax can help fund something :eek:), yes private peoples can build things, it's not impossible to figure out. But if there was no government funded roading, imagine if you wanted to drive to louisiana. You simply couldn't. It would be hell. Louisiana has shitty roads to this day simply because they were last to raise the drinking age, and so had less funding, resulting in shitty roads. It's just an example (in that I'm pointing out that gov. funding is once again the reason we can cross state borders/actually get to work).
    I think this has divulged into a government/anarchy argument, so I guess I'll just  give up. There's obviously no perfect balance between the two.
    How much of his salary is Colbert giving back every year?
    Steven Colbert is a very comfortable and very wealthy man.. he should give like 90% of his salary away if he feels so strongly about redistribution.
    You seriously cannot fathom who would build something as important as roads? Talk about no imagination. I really don't understand why this is so complex for you, no offense.
    So who builds the roads now? Private companies. The government has a monopoly proving this service to where only they can choose which company does it for us. As with any monopoly, you get higher costs with poorer service.
    To think that no one is going to pay for something as important as roads, especially when taxes are removed, is simply absurd which is why you have the meme "BUT WHO WILL BUILD THE ROADS?!" aka "BUT WHO WILL PICK THE COTTON!?",
    I don't understand the point of this question. Its equivalent to telling someone 200+ years ago to name a time in history where society was able to eliminate slavery. It doesn't justify it at all. Its the result of a majority of people being taught that its okay.
    what if it did fall on their lap? maybe their rich grandfather died and left them millions..  or they won the lottery.
    it's still their money and not yours.
    I think Colbert was trying to get his guest to admit he was for redistribtion and his guest didn't bite.
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    Lol we never disagreed on Jefferson. I was asking you a question and wanted you to teach me what you seem to know more of but you went all cat lady crazy on me :p
  8. Not sure how redistribution of wealth led to a discussion on taxation.
    Taxes, to me, are totally okay as long as their is a free market, no corruption and they 100% go towards what the tax was intended for.  I like the ability to have roads to travel, libraries to get free book rentals, police and firefighter to call when I need help and a powerful military to thwart the enemy.  
    I think people all can agree that we hate corrupt motherfuckers.
    If there werent taxes, would you not donate money to have roads maintained? Do you think others wouldnt?
    I know I would, I like roads.
    The crazy cat ladies are everywhere on the internet.  Say two things and they take the first thing and go ape shit crazy and never look at the second.
  11. I'm not saying they have to give it to me particularly nor that anyone should be robbed blind... jees.
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    I'm fairly certain that others wouldn't, but I'm just pessimistic. I'm trying to argue that government's guiding hand is more necessary than you would have me believe. Sure it sucks, but people can't really be organized without a government of some sort, for better or for worse.
    the lower percentage receives said taxes.
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    I realize how you're trying to retort but I don't see your side as valid either man, humans need a government for these things. That's simply what I believe. Some form of guidance will always be needed in order for a large population to be able to coexist.
  15. No, I read your posts, I just don't always comment. And I recognize your tactics....People like you frustrate the shit out of me. You take the position of having no position.,Then you just snipe from there. It's a safe tactic...And one you use quite often.This is one of the first times I've actually seen you take a firm stance on anything of merit. And I agree with your position. Take it as a compliment.
    Taxes are a form of redistributing wealth. And in order to redistribute wealth, you must tax.
    Your ideal outcome of taxation is borderline fairytale. No corruption when you grant someone authority over others? Yeah right. You'll never be able to help the poor without being forced to fund war.
    How do you prevent corrupt people from taking such seats of power and using taxes to do what they want? You can't. Its best left for people to decide what services they want their money spent on.
    Fuck roads...I'd save all my money to buy one of these
    Oh, but I have a position. Most people here are aware of it.
    I believe they don't. I do believe they are fooled into thinking so.
  20. I'm learning that.

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