Whats Wrong with Redistribution of Wealth?

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    That was my point earlier on; the languange is fucked.

    Why can't you get rich and take care of yourself?
    meh...no reasoning, just emotional response...
  4. I really don't understand how people can make an argument that most rich people earned their wealth in some way, rather than had it just fall on their laps in some manner. Sure, some people are self made, but most aren't. Taxes are crazy high for everyone but the rich. I mean come the fuck on.
    Depends on the context. I doubt I used it on a simple yes or no question to avoid answering, though.
    No emotions here hon
  7. No matter what good may come from it for any number of people, regardless of the outcome, taxation in all forms, no matter what you call it out training behind it, is wrong, immoral and disgusting. Send off story. Theft is theft.
    Lol are you kidding? The "rich" pay a huge amount of taxes in America. Simply seach "taxation" or "taxes" on the GC politics form, and find the threads (most likely provided by Running), which show how much the rich are paying.
  9. How do you think it's possible for us to drive between the states and not end up in bum fuck egypt on a dirt road that hasn't been maintained in 50 years? A certain amount of tax will always be necessary in order to maintain infrastructure.
    yes you did...you inferred others were envious...jealous...an emotion, as a means to dismiss their opinions that corruption is why wealth is in disparity.
    You used a fallacy.
  11. I wasn't aware it was that easy. In any case, I'm a teacher. I chose to do what I love rather than try to make a ton of money.
    I disagree.
  12. Well I didn't know. At least in the state I live in, sales tax is the highest I've ever seen, and we're the second poorest state in the nation. And yet I saw some Walmart exec driving a fucking Ford GT through our town. If anyone in this state can drive a Ford GT, we need to change the taxes, cause everyone else is driving a fucking 1988 civic.
  13. So people who worked their way through school, to earn a good salary, eventually should have a right to help the ones who hadn't?
    Instead of GIVING hand outs, how about provide incentives for people to work hard to BETTER themselves.
    Because it's true. I'm not going to argue with you about another poster's post who obviously doesn't give much of a fuck like you do lol
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    No, see, that Wal-Mart executive worked and toiled his whole life, forgoing any type of pleasure for years upon years so he could become that executive and have that money. He deserves that Ford GT. All the other people who can't afford it are bums and lazy. They don't work for anything.
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    The answer is to not steal more from people, but to stop stealing. Income tax specifically affects the poor more than the rich, in a negative way.
    I hope you see how you answered your own questions. Sales taxes are high, and your state is very poor.
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    The top 10% pay 70% of all income taxes according to this
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    I highly doubt that. I don't think the way our society emphasizes law and related fields as the most lucrative of careers makes people who specialize in such pointless fields any more deserving of nice things. I realize that if I don't do anything, I obviously don't deserve more wealth; however, I don't understand how someone who teaches future generations such as yourself, should be earning less than someone who makes decisions like "wow, hur dur I  think we should expand into such and such place, or sue so and so, or cut these employees bonuses so I can buy a ferrari to complement my trophy wife's lambo."
    And it's not like the people of this state don't work. The state just doesn't care about them, nor do the rich people exploiting them (believe me, its most definitely exploitation here). Our minimum wage is two dollars less than the federal minimum. I mean jesus.
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    See, how do you know they are lazy bums? Do you have statistics or proof? Sounds like a bunch of assumptions to me
    So those lazy bums are supposed to give their money to the needy? What makes you think you or anyone is more worthy of their money than they are?
  20. Obviously making that distinction would be tedious and arbitrary. But the fact still remains that some people earned/deserve the money they have, and many more people don't.

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