Whats wrong with my XCT??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by spyboarder6996, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. So i bought a jar last April and had lost about 30 of them for 5 and a half months. I just finally found them now :hello::hello: but its all goopy and moist like some moisture got inside of the bag. I was wondering if anyone knows what is going on with my X is it just wet from moisture in the air they were double bagged but I kept them in my basement which can get kind of muggy and humid. If anyone has ever heard of this or know anything about it please let me know ASAP no one wants to take any wet nasty goopy rolls so id like to rectify the situation if possible.


    There is no X in the bag its empty but thats the gooopy shit im talking about and the designs (cannot be seen) are starting to erode you can still kind of make out the glock but not really

  2. all i can say is let it dry? thats weird
  3. I doubt it will hurt you if you take some that is moist.
  4. if i were you i'd probably eat all of those at once because your a stupid idiot and lost 30 rolls in your own basement.. FOR 5 and 1halves of a month. are you one of those wookies that i see walking around music festivals?
  5. No one else wants to take them until they know why they look so fucked up. . . ive been researching all day but havent found shit on the net its like trying to find a needle in a haystack
  6. im asking whats wrong not your opinion on what happened if your gonna be a d bag get the hell outta here and find someone else to bug DICK
  7. ^^ Hey now, lets keep the drama in the PM's and out of the threads! ;)

    You said basement, so your needle is a little somethin called H U M I D I T Y which in some cases results in condensation. Most likely, the gaseous water from the air inside the baggie eventually turned into a liquid, causing your rolls to become mashed potatoes. I'd eat em :D
  8. ...if it was weed i would throw it our because it probably has mold on it. but being rolls i would think that mold wouldnt be able to survive on them, being that its all chemicals.. so i way say its safe to say that they are okay to munch on.. a little waa waa never hurt nobody.. it probably lost its print because the water made them soft and brittle and it rubbed off and thats why your bag looks like that ..................................................................genious:wave:<~
  9. thats what i thought i just wanted to make sure they were still like legitimate X hmmmmmm. . . . . still kind of unsure about these i might just try and put em off on someone else and buy some new ones and not keep them in my basement
  10. Oh C'mon, Just EAT EM, you know you want to! :p
  11. I just dont feel like dying lmao jk

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